Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What is Tidal?

Unless you have been living in a cave. You may have noticed some of your favorite artists have changed their default social media picture to a teal blue color.  I went on Nicki Minajs page the other night and said " Why she got this light blue color as her default'?

Well Jay Z the boss man his self has started a music streaming company, similar to spotify but gives artist more control over their music. Technically it means they get paid more money. Lots of Top A listers have joined him to launch this, including Wifey Beyonce, Coldplay, Madonna, Calvin Harris, Kanye West, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and many more. So I done my research and my blog is here to share info with you. From what I have learned Tidal is going to be a subscription music streaming  that will have high fidelity audio and exclusive content. What is suppose to make this so different and cooler is that majority of the company will be owned by the artists themselves. This will make the artists involved much more wealth but also give them control on how their music is consumed.
There will be no free version. The regular subscription will be 10 bucks. and 20 bucks for cd quality streams. It will launch in 31 countries. Wow, and has access to 25 million tracks as we speak, and will include 75,000 music videos, features, articles as well.

Tidal could have big competition because Apple will be launching a music streaming as well. Lets not forget about Spotify and Google music. I think for this to actually work is it will need to stand out from its competition. What do you think about this tidal movement. Share.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lets Keep Our Children Safe

With me being a single mother who works, my daughter is my life. Even thou she is a toddler and is in daycare I always worry. I hear stories about kids walking out of daycare because no one was watching the front door. Its almost Summer and I suggest every parent have some type of safe kit in place.Visit Child Safe Kit to receive your free kit. They will send it to your home address. You can keep a description of your child, important information as in full name and birth date. Also it has a finger print system and add a recent picture of your child.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Turn offs for Women?

There are things ladies about our partners that erks our nerves. Certain things may turn you completely off about a person that you wouldn't consider even dating them.  Is it bad breath? Mommys boy? Think about 10 tun offs that you have for a guy and compare them with a really close friend. I am sure you will get a laugh. You may have similar turn offs or total opposites.
 I have way more than 10. but I share 3 below.

1.Calling my phone after 12:00 am.
Look I am a single mother, I get up 7a.m every morning to get my daughter dress for daycare, and get ready for work, If you think I am going to sit up all night talking to you, I am not your type I have a life plus I am grown this is not high school.

2. Second turn off is a man asking for something. Don't ask me for no money. I work hard for my money to take care me and my child. Why would I give a man my last money in my purse. For anyone to feel that comfortable to ask for favors like that is a major turn off.

3. Third turn off is a show off. I live in Atlanta, GA. Every guy I met claims he knows such and such. It drives me crazy. I am not one to gush over celebrities especially tired rappers. Omg, hearing someone go on and on makes me want to pull my hair out. 

According to Love Panky The 10 biggest turn offs for women are....

  • Insecure Personalities
  • Over Sensitive Guys
  • Being cocky or pompous
  • The foot in the mouth
  • Boring guys
  • Dumb Guys
  • Fidgety and Touchy
  • Narcissists
  • A unmannerly prick
  • The over enthusiastic fan
Do you agree? Check out http://www.lovepanky.com/men/understanding-women/10-dating-turn-offs-for-women to read the full article with details for each one. 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bra Off, Hair Up, Sweats On?

So if you haven't heard, the beautiful Eva Mendes set the internet on fire with a recent comment of hers. Eva told Extra 
“No, no, no! You can’t do sweatpants,” she said. “Ladies, number one cause of divorce in America? Sweatpants! No, can’t do that." 

Now clearly lots of ladies thought she was completely crazy for that comment when she has been seen her self sporting sweatpants. 
But I got to wondering. I remember I lived with an ex for two years. He would make smart comments like " you only get cute and fly when your mom come in town or when your going to class". I never realized hmm, maybe I get a little too comfortable just laying around the house, but we never went out really on dates. I felt why should I wear my good clothes around the house lol, if he took me out more I would get done up for him. So my question is, do you think sweatpants, hair bonnets,facial masks or rollers are deal breakers for men? If so do you care or not care. You may work all day, have kids, get off and your tired from being in heels all day at the office. When you get home you want your bra off, hair in a pony, and a pair of your favorite sweats on.  So my point is, no I don't agree with Eva. She later stated it was a BAD JOKE. But I don't think it was joke. Sometimes we women, me including try giving out advice when we don't realize we are contradicting ourselves. For example, you tell your friend her boyfriend is no good for her, but yet your boyfriend is no good himself. Anyways  I try to wear sweats in a cute way when I am around a guy. Cute forever 21 sweats, tank and my hair hanging in nice wavy curls. That way i'm comfortable but I still look hot to my man. I was reading a article on mamiverse with 17 things women do to turn men off, One on the list was we may stay in our pajamas all day. If its raining and its the weekend and you want to relax I see nothing wrong with rocking pjs as long as your productive .Look ladies I may not be 
Oprah but I feel you should be with a man who likes you for you. Find out his dislikes, and likes about you before you move in together or have sleepovers. So that way he feels comfortable and you're still comfortable. If he hates morning breath, beat him to the bathroom every morning to hit up the mouth wash lol

Check out the article on the top 17 things we women do to turn our men off.

What turns Men Off

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I L❤️‍VE Peplum Tops

I love peplum tops. Its my go to blouse. It gives you such a classy chic hourglass even if you done have hips like Shakira. I am queen of floral so when ever I find a floral peplum top I have to buy it no matter the price. Some may not not know how to wear one depending on your body shape. Thats okay, because when I needed help I found this article from corporatefashionista.com that helped me pair mines months ago. Check it out and check out some of my favorites below and also me rocking mines with a link to get one just like it.

Here’s what to pair with your peplums (as shown above):
  1. Top: Pair with tapered pants, skinny jeans, or a narrow pencil skirt.
  2. Skirt: Wear with a fitted, tucked-in top.
  3. Dress: Must fit snug, especially at the waist. Plus, make sure skirt portion is the traditional pencil shape. Select moderately thick shoe heels.
                                                           Floral Peplum Top

Monday, March 16, 2015


Its Monday. The only day its okay for us girls to get a #thirstpast. So mines is Nick Jonas. Sweet baby jesus. He is clearly not a Jonas Brother anymore, he's a grown man. This picture from his Calvin Klein shoot speaks wonders on why I chose him. Oh and his single Jealous is my joint. I love the new Nick and the direction he is going. Keep it up Nick. #WinkWink lol

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Cheater Cheater. Where'd You Meet Her?

The most embarrassing feeling ever is being cheated on, played, used or led on. What makes it so embarrassing is not even knowing that your being cheated on. Wondering will drive you crazy. Now some women may think theri guy is a god and could never ever ever hurt them. Did you know studies show that women who least expect there spouse to cheat are normally the ones who get cheated on the most. Crazy right? Or why beauties always get cheated on look at Sandra Bullock,  HalleBritney,JLoReeseJulia RobertsJessica Simpson. All beautiful, talented women who still got cheated on. Being beautiful, or a size 2, double D boobs want make a man stay faithful. Most men feel hey if I can date Rihanna, I can get a Beyonce too.
Ladies you wanna know why men cheat. Men aren't as emotional as women. When a man cheats he doesn't think of the outcome and pain it may bring his girl until after he gets caught and sees her reaction. I know what your thinking. Well why come guys get caught and cheat again, and again, and again? Well first off because he looks at you as weak, he knows that your vulnerable and you love him so much that you will never leave him. Or second he is a serial cheater. He just cant stop, commitment is just not something he can do.
Ex:I was in a 4 yr relationship from the age of 17-20. I cant tell you guys how many times I had another female approach me , or either with a little research I found out on my own he was cheating. He just couldn't stop. He was a serial cheater. Just couldn't stop cheating mainly through the internet. Guess whats worse. I found out he was in a full blown relationship with this girl because I had multiple dreams of him telling someone else besides me he loved her. The female he cheated on me with their still together. Nothing has changed hes been cheating on her as well. Months ago she actually wrote me on facebook and apologized to me and asked for advice. So if you got your man by taking him from another woman. Karma may be knocking at your door.
 Below are some ways that may can help you figure out if you are actually getting cheated on.

  • You begin to notice distance from him emotionally. Not wanting to spend as much time with you. Less sex. Things just aren't how they use to be with you two and he seems to not care or try himself to fix it.
  • Women's intuition. Look its the best thing god gave a woman. Deep down something want sit right with you in your heart. Thats mainly the first clue to suspicion.
  • They suddenly become very busy. Odd lies, like there tired, they want to stay home alone, by themselves on a saturday night. 
  • Guarded. suddenly they have a lock on their phone. Never keeps there phone alone in the same room as you. Also blocking you from social media. changing there email passwords and social media passwords. 
  • Also the most important clue. They suddenly just want to be friends. One week you were so in love. Now he just doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship
Also leaving on this note. For a woman who has had her heart broken more than once. Never let it get you down. Don't think your not beautiful or good enough that nobody wants to be with you and only you. Theres a prince out there for all of us. With a little patience you will find someone who will love you so much that they will be faithful to you because the thought of hurting you is unbearable for them,

References: http://hollywoodlife.com/pics/bonnie-says-why-beauties-get-cheated-on-bigtime/

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Does Your Hair Part Say About You?

 What does your hair part say about you? Do you part your hair on the left . middle or the right of your hair. You may be thinking, Kayla why does it matter. Well girls it does. Did you know that parting your hair on the left or the right says a lot about your personality. I prefer my hair parted on the right of my head. I remember one time I was getting my hair done and I forgot to tell the stylist to part my hair on the right. I was so upset and I felt so odd.  Well according to

http://www.truemirror.com/theory01.asp  When a person puts a part in their hair, left or right, they are emphasizing the left or right cranial hemisphere functioning. Is this amazing. Check out below what the left and right part says about you. for the full article visit the link on the hair theory. 

Women W/Left Part: Usually ok, especially for women interested in making it in business and politics. Perceived as intelligent, in-charge, reliable. Can sometimes be perceived as too "masculine", and/or can create difficulties with fulfilling traditionally feminine roles

Women W/Right Part: Natural for women. Usually works ok. Perceived as very feminine, gentle, caring. Can cause problems of not being taken seriously. 

Check out https://www.blogthings.com/whatdoesyourpartsayaboutyouquiz/ take the quiz and see if it has a acurate acception on you based on your part preference. Mines nailed it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Be A Boss-Date A Boss-Build An Empire

So whos ready for Empire tonight. Are you team cookie or team Anika. Lets be honest, if you were in Anikas aka Boo Boo Kitty shoes and your boyfriend slept with his ex wife. What would you do? Lets say you have been by his side helping him build his empire as well, would you bring down his empire because of emotional feelings. A woman scorn is a dangerous woman. Empire brought to light something lots of women are going through. You are too busy dating a boss you don't work on becoming a boss yourself and building your own empire. Think about it. Enjoy Empire tonight. I know I will.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Spring! What will Be Your Signature Hairstyle


Okay so spring is almost here. & it is my favorite season. Not to hot not to cold. So I been thinking how I want my hair bringing in the season. I am more of your long wavy hair type of girl. So when I change things up, its a shocker. But this season I am thinking of bringing out a nice natural bun, or nice natural curls. Or I may bring out the edgy bob. What I am loving is the pixie cut. Celebrities have been taking bold transformation and its actually very motivating. Check out some these looks and tell me which is your fav, and which one you are rocking this spring.

Pixie Cut

Jennifer Lawrence looks so edgy and sassy with this cut

I love my girl Keke Palmer. She did a big transformation . & From looking at her Instagram shes loving her new hair.

Miley has some of the most gorgeous bold face features. This edgy rock pixie cut shows her eyes.

Long Hair Dont Care

Jennifer Lopez can never disappoint in the hair department. But lets be honest we all love the sassy long wavy hair she sports.

 Beyonce is known to blow her hair in the wind. We have saw her try the bob, braids and pixie but Queen Bey wouldn't be the diva she is without the long hair.

 Sara Jessica Parker is my hair crush. Her hair always looks so health and beachy. 


 Taylor swift shocked us all with the big cut. But lets admit this cute curly bob gives her excitement and goes well with her new sound.

 Heres Tia Mowry with the cute chic but edgy blond bob. This is really going to be big this season as well.

 I love Ann. This cute cut of hers is just adorable. She rocked the pixie cut as well but its just so nice seeing her with a new look.


 Lupita looks amazing with this braided bun. This is a great look for the spring. Whats a better combo than braids & a bun

 Kerry Washington never disappoints with her classiness. She rocks a chic girly bun here, and this is great when your wearing such bold patterns.
Adrienne Bailon always kills it in the bun department. She rocks it here but also puts her baby hairs on display as well. I love it

I am loving these hairstyles. They all are hairstyles that just will never get old. 

Monday, March 9, 2015


I am not the type to sweat over a guy especially a celebrity. But every since Derek Luke has been doing appearances on the hit Fox show Empire, it reminded me what I want my future husband to look like.Any woman that says she doesn't have a crush on someone, is lying. Theres either that hot guy in your apartment building, your professor, hey maybe your boyfriends brother, it happens. Who is your Man Crush? #DerekLuke

Monday! Nothing A Pair Of Shoes Can't Fix

So spring is almost here and you know what that means. Short shorts, dresses, and cute shoes. We all love wedges, and loafers. Me personally I prefer a wedge. Its comfy. and easy to walk in after you have had one to many drinks. Here are a couple pairs of shoes that caught my eye, all under $30.00. I also have the website links below. There sites are some of my favorite stores to buy shoes. Check it out.

Open toe gladiator heel $29.95

$9.19 Spring Loafer Boot Shoes

$26.39 Cat Face Wedge Heel Platform

$23.99 High Gladiator Strappy Sandal

$27.70 Floral Wedge

$13.80 Heart Shape Flats

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sometimes The Questions Are Completed & The Answers Are Simple

Alot of times us females want someone to tell us what we already know. It seems to sound better, and feel better coming from a peer. For example, if you ask yourself, is it okay my boyfriend has cheated on me? The question sounds complicated. But the answer is simple, NO it is not. So why is it so many of us females make questions complicated and the answer even more complicated when it doesn't have to be. Its good to have a friend in your corner to answer a lot of questions for you that may seem to be complicated. but when do you become a woman and answer a lot of those complicated questions for yourself and not need the opinion of some one else. Think about it?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Ebay Steal Deals


Hi ladies. This is my 1st fashion blog and it is a must. One thing you will learn about me is I love Ebay. I may be a little obsessed. The deals I have found over the past 3 yrs will amaze you. One of my favorite stores on ebay is StanzinoInc. I love this store. There plus size section is amazing ladies as well as there junior sizes. Good quality clothes. Here are some of the items I have purchased recently for a great price.