Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flashy Phone?

When I get a new phone, its almost as if I go a new baby. I need a phone case, memory card and other cool phone accessories for it. I like my phone flashy .I like my phone styling. Check out some of my new phone accessories I got for my new phone and make sure to notice the price. You know I like a deal.  Also check out 3 must have apps I must have on my phone you will definitely head over to the play store after checking it out !!!

Check out 3 of my must have apps I need when ever I upgrade to a new phone

This apps is a life saver. If you have ever lost your phone, or left it somewhere but couldn't remember or had a stolen. This phone does wonders. It allows your phone to be tracked. If stolen you can go on the web from another internet source turn on the alarm and wherever, or whoever has your phone the alarm will go off.  Years ago I dropped my phone at a gas station. The person called my moms phone and said they would give the phone back if we paid them for it. With the tracker we were able to send the cops to get the phone back.

I love this app, it actually works. I have had crazy exs who would always call me. This apps blocks their calls. It disconnects the persons phone call for you without your phone going off. You can even set it so you do get a notification when someone on your block list was blocked. Also its a caller ID for your phone. Without you answering that annoying persons phone call, the caller ID lets you know who is calling.

One of the best easiest ringtone makers in my opinion. This is a must for me. I hate buying ringtones because the verse of part of the song I want they never have or its to short. This app allows you to use the music on your phone to make your own ringtone with fades as well.