Monday, April 6, 2015

How Much Do You Tip?

Recently me and my best friend took our kids out to a pizza joint. The waitress was so nice and gave me a good vibe once she introduced us and took our drink order. I said " Wow shes nice i'll tip her" My friend actually said, that at her University they talk a lot about how much you should tip a waitress a restaurant and everyone in her class had different opinions.  I got to thinking hmm what is the standard amount you should tip a waiter or waitress. Normally we go out for a meal and cocktail or playdate. We have had some good service and bad service. Me personally I tip based on two reasons, my budget and the waiter or waitress first impression. If your rude, or act as if you dont want to be at work, don't introduce your self than I may not leave such a big tip as I would someone who delivered wonderful service. Itipping has a great chart of the percentage you should tip a pizza deliver, bartender, valet and etc. Its interesting that theirs a standard here in our country we are expected to tip. I have never been a waitress before, but I could only imagine how hard their day is on their feet and going home with low tips or none.  Standard  you should pay 15-20% to wait staff. 

Do you feel that some as yourself and someone wealthy as in Jennifer Aniston should pay the exact same amount in tips to a waiter. Or if you eat at Urasawa Menu in Beverly Hills which is one of the top expensive restaurants in the U.S should pay the same amount as someone eating at Chipotle .

I have never not tipped a waiter or waitress because of bad food because when you think of it, they are not the cooks. Mainly on bad service. I remember at California Dreaming in Augusta, GA. My first visit my ex and I had the worse, most worst waiter ever. His service was terrible and he gave me the creeps. I did my tip. The food was amazing as always. I went back to the same location with my best friend and our waiter was a total fake. He was flirty and extra nice. Once we wrapped up our meal and he saw what we tipped him, for me it may was $3 and my bestfriend usually tips more. His demeanor and attitude was so rude. Clearly he wasn't happy with what we gave him and it showed. 

According to good men project, these are the top reasons you should always tip.

  1. Waiters and Waitress can be paid less than minimum wage.
  2. Bad food is not always e servers fault.
  3. Being a Server is not easy
  4. Sexual harassment is apart of the job
  5. Customers are annoying
Do you agree. Share your thoughts.