Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yeezys Vs The Pink Prints

So every couple a months a new celebrity is coming out with a new shoe. Kanye Yeezys are not your typical sneaker but there unique and they seem to do very well. Nicki Minaj her self just annouse shes teamed up with Jordon to launch a sneaker which will be the Pink Prints. And according to Nicki, these may top the Yeezys. Are you A sneaker head? What do you think of two of the top rappers latest foot wear. 

This is  not Kanye's first sneaker deal. This is is one of his latest that he teamed up with Adias Kanye's sneakers always does well.  This shoe is way more hotter on different people, just depends h
 ow you wear it and pair it with.

Nicki Just released her new sneaker she teamed up with Jordan to do. These are really cute especially 
if your a girly girl. My daughter would love these. Plus she went a different route. When was the last time a female artist had a sneaker deal.