Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nicki Minaj Is Not So Happy With MTV...But Taylor Sure Is

Looks like there's a little misunderstanding between two of our most famous artists. MTV announced there nominations for the mtv awards. And surprisingly Nicki Minaj famous Anaconda Video or Feeling myself featuring Beyonce was not nominated. It was shocker to me. Lets be honest. If your not a Nicki fan for some odd reason, you cant ignore the fact this woman puts in work and has opened back the doors for female rappers to shine. So for her to break the internet with two smashing videos is a shocker shes not in the main category of then night. But bad blood singer Taylor Swift seems to have felt Nicki was throwing shade towards her. I did not catch the shade but Taylor took it upon herself to comment to Nicki during her rant on twitter.

Seems if Nicki was confused. Well I hope these ladies call each other before the awards and talk it out. I been hoping for a collaboration from these two. I understand Nicki point. Seems like MTV seems to pist everyone off every year. You cant please everyone. But least give credit where it deserves, What are your thoughts. Share!!!

Oh Nicki was actually still nominated in other category. But video of the year is clearly the one she expected to be nominated in. Taylor is nominated for 9 awards

Thursday, July 16, 2015

When is a good time to introduce your kids to someone your dating ?

When is a good time to introduce your kids to a new guy in your life after a break up?      

Coming from a single mom ..To me it depends on the number of guys. If you meet a guy and introduce him to your kids and you two don't work out. That next relationship should be a while before you introduce your kids. But future petty. We never see him with his child, yet another great man like Russel in his life is a issue. Men tend to get salty when another man can be a better father to that child than themselves. # thoughts? #ciara #future #russelwilson

Monday, July 13, 2015

the Chunky Heel

Are you a fan of the chunky heel. I love them haven't rocked a pair yet. If you are a wedge girl you know how comfortable they are. Heels hurt my feet so a comfortable heel that's also cute does wonders for me. Here are all chunky heels from aliexpress. What number is your favorite?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Girly Decor

I am moving soon. So excited about decorating my new home. Check out this beautiful 3D bedding set I got. For more check out eBay.