Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jam Of The Week 🔥 The Weeknd Album Star Boy

The weeknd dropped his new album Friday. I have had the pleasure to listen to it and it is so dope. Much more energetic and up then the last album. If you like star boy the single you will enjoy the album. Purchase on apple music

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Singer Kehlani Drops Video To Single Distraction

Yasss Best friend in my head @kehlani just dropped video to her single #distraction . if you aren't familiar with Kehlani I feel bad for you. Not only is she my fav artist right now she has over 3m Spotify listeners a month. And shes grammy nominated boo. Straight out of Oakland writes & sings her own shit. Check out music video above.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

AMAs Best Dressed 2016

#amas Best Dressed 2016
@teyanataylor @haileesteinfeld @ladygaga Are my top 3 bestdresed at this years #americanmusicawards The slayage. Everybody else did a little to much. To casual, or to dressy. They nailed it for real. ♥
looking good girls. 😘


Kanye Does Another CryBaby Rant This Time About Beyonce.

Kanye has lost even more marbles. This fool showed up to his concert last night 1 hr late allegedly. Then ranted for about 30 mins and later ended concert.  During the last rant a week ago. He talked about how Jay Z did not come by the house to see if Kim was OK after the robbery and instead they called. Now his latest rant, he claims he heard Beyonce would not perform live at the MTV awards if she didn't get video of the yr. First off a grown ass man going off about something he heard says a lot about his asss.

I really suggest Kik runs for the hills. This time I think the media won't judge her for it. We will completely understand.