Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dealing With Difficult In-Laws

When you fall in love, you get him and also his baggage. Whether he has children already or a over baring family. If you have In-Laws who make you wanna pull teeth out I can give you some encouragement and tips.

First off I remember I had a ex of 4 years. His youngest sister was so rude y'all. I remember being over there visiting him. I guess some girl called him, she yelled "Some Girl On The Phone Joe". 😩 Than I heard her and her friends laughing. Mind you I was like 17 at the time, she was much older in her 20s being messy. He said to me one day, "my sister jealous of you because you prettier than her, when ever I date a girl who's really pretty she doesnt like them".

I dealed with her, and I always spoke to her. I loved him so I wanted his family to like me.
When dealing with difficult in laws you need to understand thats his family and his family always  comes before you.

Don't let anymore disrespect you, especially if you have children by him. Nothing is worser than somebody telling you how to run your household, and parent your children. If you have a issue with your in laws express it to your man. Don't hold it in, because you may explode and nobody will know where that anger came from.  I also recommend you keep your business in your household. Running to your parents about ever fight will make your in laws dis like your partner. Good luck to you dealing in in laws. Hoped this helped