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20 Something's (When Life Gets Real)

Singer SZA had a song off her debut album CTRL called 20 some thing's. There is a line where she sings  "Honesty hurts when you're gettin' older"  which really got me to thinking. I will be turning 26 years old in September. My 20s have been a life assessment for me.  I moved out at 18 to attend college and life really hit home for me. I had a daughter at age 21 who I have to provide for and protect. In our 20 some thing's, you will learn what being a true adult means.  When we were kids we wished upon a star to become a grown up.  Now we wish we could go back in time when we didn't have bills,  taxes, and people breaking our hearts with no empathy what so ever. Those fairy tale books we read as kids,  thinking life was one big magical place, Ha,  not so much anymore.  Life is savage. Sza also sings  "Hopin' my 20 somethings won't end Hopin' to keep the rest of my friends Prayin' the 20 somethings don't kill me.   Do you also r

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