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5 Signs You're The Girl On The Side (Sidechick)

As women I would hope we all would want to be a mans one and only. It's so hard dating these days because guys feel like its a buffet, full of all the vagina they can get. You can be the most beautiful woman in your town, but that doesn't mean a man will change his ways for you. Having a side chick is becoming a trend for men. I never want to be a side chick and I'm sure you ladies reading this don't as well. Look I have been a side chick by default, once I found out the truth he got dropped. Lets just say due to womens intuition I saved myself. I almost got caught up in a "sidechick predicament"  If you've  been wondering some thing's about a guy I will help you figure out if you have been getting played. Now ladies, you have to ask men questions. If you don't ask, he isn't going to volunteer. A closed mouth dont get answers sis. Check out some signs you may be a side chick. Better to know now then later. He is unav

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