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Monday, February 4, 2019

Flaws & All

One of my favorite songs is the Beyonce song "flaws & all".She has a line where she says:

I'm a train wreck in the morning
I'm a bitch in the afternoon
Every now and then without warning
I can be really mean towards you
.I'm a puzzle, yes, indeed 

No one in this world is perfect. We all are imperfect which makes us all unique and special. The moment I became a woman was when I was able to see my own flaws. Its easy to point out others flaws but can you notice your own. For example my biggest flaw is using humor in serious situations. I tend to laugh or make jokes to hide my hurt or anger. It took me a long time to realize I did that. That's one flaw I don't know if it will ever go away. My ex use to call me a ass hole because in heated arguments I would say something sarcastic and mean. I truly come off as not taking things serious when I do. 

Another flaw of mines is the need to search & look into things. You really can hurt your own damn feelings by digging into things. Its almost like a self sabotaging thing. The feeling of "This is too good to be true". If its a good thing I always feel the need to investigate and find the flaw. But what I am doing is a flaw in itself. This is what I am working hard to stop doing.

The part of growth is realizing the good qualities about yourself and also the not so good qualities. If anyone is looking for that perfect person, I'm here to tell you. 

Ask yourself what your good qualities are but also what are your flaws. The thing I have learned is people try to use your flaws against you. Be aware of who you are. Either own it, or make changes.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Understanding A Mans Body Language

Men aren't emotional beings like women are. So it can be so damn difficult to read them and understand what's going on inside those big brains, but just by observing their body language you can tell a lot about them at that moment. 

For one, the Half Smile
Brad Pitt

According to  It's one of the main features of sarcasm - "an evil" or "smug" smile. You can also say it's a sign of confidence, or feeling of superiority towards whoever the smile is intended for. We all know those guys who look like they are up to something, or lying. They always have a smug smile on their face. Watch out for guys who do this to much ladies. Read more

He talks with his hands
Kayne West

Well he's definitely a good communicator and takes his conversations with you serious. Your guy may get so passionate during a argument and he starts pointing and slapping his hands. For a passionate aggressive guy that is their way of expressing themselves.  

Raising the eyebrows

Robert Patterson

Have you ever noticed a really pretty girl walk by, and some guys in the room eyes light up and eyebrows rise. Men normally raise their eyebrows when they see something they like or amazes them. 

Hands in pockets

Scott Discik

According to someone becomes unhappy with his self image he will put his hands in his pockets. He may be wearing a suit he's not use to, or his pants are too big. This guy is not pleased with his appearance, so him putting his hands in his pockets around people is just a sign of vulnerability.

Foot pointing  

David Beckham

If you see a pers
on talking to someone but their foot is pointing towards you, it means they are interested in you and want to approach you. 

Also if he points his foot towards you hes thinking of approaching you in the back of his mind, even if they seem to be engaged with their own group. You can confirm this by the occasional, stealthy look they give you. The person will try to keep you in their line of sight as long as they can and as often as they can.

Kisses on forehead

President Obama

This means he's tender, and loving. He has lots of respect for you. He's also a gentleman and light hearted. But be careful girls, if he does this too often he sees you as a friend, or maybe even like a sister.  Who wants to be in the friend zone? No one.

He leans in close

John Legend

This is a sign he really likes you and wants to be closer to to you. Also a woman who smells good is a big attraction to men. But don't take it serious if he does this a few times. Maybe you have a soft voice and he's having trouble hearing you. 

He Fidgets in His Chair

Have you ever seen those guys who can't stop moving around in their seat? Either he has to pee, or he has bad anxiety and he's very nervous. Sex and body language expert Tracey Cox, also says he may be getting sexually excited and he's trying to hide or calm down a potential erection. But if he does it too often ladies, he maybe be on that stuff. And by stuff I mean drugs. Wiggling around in his seat too much is a sign to exit. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

6 Ways To Tell The Relationship Is Completely Over (Must Read)

◀The relationship is making your life stressful▶

Being in a relationship is a privilege and great opportunity. To have somebody who is willing to let you get to know them, and love them and build something with them. A relationship should never feel like a hard long stressful day of work. Yes relationships have challenges, but don't let that confuse you with unnecessary drama. A relationship should be something you enjoy and not get a headache from.

◀You see no future with your partner▶

Let's say you are 20. If you and your guy are having issues now, can you imagine yourself dealing with that same thing when you are 30. 10 years from now. Do you see yourself getting married, or starting a family? These are clues that the relationship is over. You may want all those great things, but sit down, evaluate everything in your life and ask yourself can you be with this person still in 20 years.

◀There's No Communication▶

Have you ever heard people say, we lack communication? Meaning it's not gone but it can be improved. But if you and your partner have none at all, that's a major issue. If you leave the house and your spouse doesn't even ask where you are going, or cares, that's a communication issue. It means the communication is so bad that even when you are mad at each other, not talking to each other doesn't bother you.

◀Me Time Is Better Than We Time▶

If you enjoy more time to yourself than with your partner, you should ask yourself why am I still with this person. If the thought of them being home , or at the same place as you annoys the hell out of you, you should be worried. People who are in love with each other and value the relationship love quality time together. They find pleasure in a date night at a dark theater with their man. If you don't, then you should figure out how to end things quickly.

◀Family Ties Broken▶

Relationships are funny. You find yourself so friendly with a guys family, and he does the same. Then you may notice they don't come around your family as much. They try to avoid being around your family and you. Them making a big deal because you have family coming in town. Normally it's because they don't want to face the reality. Once a guy is over you, the feelings go away for your family too.

◀ Just Doesn't Care Anymore▶

This is my main one. Guys who care show you they care about your happiness. You can tell a guy how you feel, what you wish he would do, but if he doesn't put effort into fixing those key issues in the relationship its over. A person who wants to be with you, will do what they have to do to keep the relationship. Telling a person , i'm not happy, over and over again, eventually there should be some actions. If they don't care, you should'nt  care.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Would You Tell Your Friend, Or Sister That Their Boyfriend Was A Loser?

This a very good topic, and touchy one. We all have witness a friend who dated a not so great guy, or maybe you were the one who was dating the not so great guy. If you were dating a guy that was not the right one for you, would you want your close friends to tell you? Or would you have the guts to tell your friend?

I would want my friend now at the age 25 to tell me. If I was in my teens I may not have been as mature enough to except it. If you're friends with someone who knows you, they should know whats best for you. At times when you are in a relationship, and you are in love, we girls tend to get hypnotized by these men. Almost as if they put a love spell on us. Its okay, we all even myself have been there. I have dated so many losers in my days. Sometimes we can snap out of the spell ourselves, but some need a little help. I have always been able to realize a guy was a loser. No guy has done me so dirty where a friend had to intervene.

So back to my question, are you willing to tell a friend, or sister, or even a family member her boyfriend, or husband is a loser and they can do better. I think you should at least tell them once. If they don't listen, then you did your part. That way if it ends bad, it wont fall on you. But ladies be prepared to lose a friendship with that person. People in unhealthy relationships don't think clearly or see clearly. I personally lost a friend of mines from childhood over a bad relationship back in high school. My best friend and I saw it. He was horrible, a bum, no plans in life and a flirt. We both may not have had the best relationships neither, but that relationship was badddd. Now she has a child by him, and he was actually in jail at the time she had it. I always ask myself what if I would of tries harder.

So sometimes its important to speak up, joust be prepared for some backlash. Is it worth it ?