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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Protecting Your Valuables(The Truth About Feminine Products

I first started my menstrual at age 9. I remember not having a clue what to expect but my mom gave me a pad to put on my underwear.  I can't recall how many times I put a pad on wrong and messed up a pair of jeans. Then once my monthly cycle ended I was given a douche to refresh and supposedly clean my vagina from odors.  Not knowing what I know now,  I have been harming my body for so long.

As women it is very important we keep our body's safe and protected. Our body is a valuable jewel. You guard it with your life literally. Our vagina is precious.  We use our vaginas for many things which why it is very important we know what the hell we are putting near that area.
I came across a breakfast club interview where comedian Tiffany Haddish (Click To Hear Her Story) talked about when she was a young girl and used a tampon because she had no pads.  She talked about having to go to the hospital due to TSS shock.  Some of her symptoms were  high fever, low blood pressure, chills, dizziness, and light headed. I thought to myself "What the hell is that?"

According to WebMD one of the causes of TSS shock is the use of using tampons brands that use harmful chemicals. Trust,  they know that they are harmful but what profit would they make by telling women. They release poisonous substances from an overgrowth of bacteria named Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, which is commonly found in many women's bodies. The cotton we put inside us or from the pads are dyed,  and absorbed with very dangerous chemicals. Mucosa membranes line wall is  1/3 of our  vagina that protects us from bacteria but absorbs chemicals very very well. So that means those chemicals are getting into our bloodstream. The materials used in some tampon brands are using extreme pesticides and chemicals.  When I hear pesticide I think of poison. Procymidon and piperonyl butoxide are the most common. To some it may not be a big deal.  But when it is affecting our bodies it is important.  Some safer brands are Natracare, Diva Cup, Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Organic Cotton Tampons. We need our products.  But let's actually educate ourselves on what we are spending our money on.  

Douching is something I am guilty of doing for years before I knew more about the bad it was doing.  Growing up some use it after your menstrual to keep it clean and fresh.  Some even use it to help prevent sexual diseases.  Which is very confusing to me.  

The only thing to help that is safe sex.  But doctors studies show all that is a lie.  It can cause pregnancy complications and infections.  It is suppose to be a mixture of water and vinegar to help clean us out, which they contain antiseptics and fragrances. Douching can through off our natural balance. It can cause harmful infections including yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. The safest way to clean our vagina's is using mild soaps, non fragrance sprays, and powders. Baby powders are very dangerous as well. Studies show most women who commonly use it below are more likely to get ovarian cancer. Also ladies. This may be something that sounds tempting on a hot sweaty day but baby powder is not something we should want to use below.

Girls I hope you enjoyed this post and most importantly take it serious. Our body is valuable it belongs to us. So lets protect our girl parts. For an questions please see links above. Also check out my previous post. Keeping your vagina purtty.

Monday, August 29, 2016

My VMAS Best Dressed

Here are my top pick best dressed tonight #vmas . @nickiminaj @iamhalsey & @haileybaldwin
Slayed. ♥💙♥

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What's Causing Your Acne?

Around that time of the month acne seems to pop up. But if its a constant issue it may not be just your menstrual. Did you know that what we eat, health and daily activities can be a big cause to our acne.

Let me break down to you the formal definition of acne according to livestrong.comWhen the pores are clogged, typically with dead skin cells, the skin's natural oil is trapped within the pore and that is what builds up. Bacteria results in inflammation. If the skin is blocked at the skin's surface.

Take this chart provided by women's health

                       1.  It's In Your Genes

Have you had acne since you were a kid. Nothing seems to work? It may just be in your genes. Pasted along to you from your grandparents or parents. This may be a bigger issue than at home remedies. Go see a dermatologist on better solutions.

                                   2. Stress

Stress, worries can be a major factor. When you see those pimples on your chin and jaw line just consider working on your stress. Easier said than done right. Try yoga or stress relief Techniques.

                                  3. Hot climate

For you all who live in very hot climate. See acne above your eye brows and between your eyes to your nose. This a big factor to why. According to Hot, muggy climes (summers on the East Coast, and ll year round in the South) spur the production of oil, which is a breeding ground for acne. Dry-climate dwellers (if you live in the Southwest, air sucks out moisture, causing dry cells to flake and gunk up the pore walls, so you'll see little whiteheads. Use an oil-free moisturizer,and get a humidifier.

                           4. Working Out

Working out is great but its what you do once you are finish. If you are a heavy sweater. Don't wipe your face with your hands or a towel. The oils in your pores is what causes the breakouts. And you are transferring bacteria to your face, and causing inflammation.  Change out of your gym clothes and shower right after a workout. Using a exploitation cleanser will help also.

                            5.Laundry Detergent

If you know you have sensitive skin watch out for those detergents. Also try a fragrance free detergent.

                       6. Your cell phone

Did you know that your phone carrys the most germs. Its like having a toilet to your face. Make sure you clean your phone a few times a week or daily with a alcohol wipe.The germs from your phone are probably causing the breakage on your jaw and mouth area.  If you know you run your mouth a lot cleanse after as well. 

7. You are what you eat

Dairy, drinks with caffeine, peanuts, sugar, and soy can help her rid of acne...if you have less of it. Dark leafy greens like kale, and antioxidant green tea are sad to be good for your skin. Sugar and carbs sends acne right to your chin. Add more protein to your diet.