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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How To Tell Him You Aren't Interested

I'm that girl if I am not interested I won't waste a guys time or mine. I'm blunt straight shooter. So when I turn down guys I may not have done it the right way because they sometimes are offended. You may be like me. Then there's the other type of girls. She doesn't like him what so ever and would rather not tell him. Which this usually leads a guy on. Neither are right. Men have feelings too. Just because you are attractive we should consider his feelings. Here are some ways we can let guys know we aren't interested.


The most important thing is being truthful. Let him know you aren't into him the way he's into you. But don't exactly say it like that. Telling him its not him but it's you  is lame, but guess what? The shit works lol. Or if its deeper issues I suggest not going into depth. Unless you two already dated I don't see the need to, but you have to let men know. Any body who leads someone on are super corny in my eyes.

 Avoid Him

Now let me be clear. Sometimes honesty doesn't always work.. If that's your case you have to get ghost. Don't answer calls or texts, or dms. If it has gotten this far, well girl he must be mighty sprung on you.  I say go out get more active. Get busy so you wont feel bad when you say you are busy. It will mean you truthfully are busy.

 Don't Be To Friendly

This is one that to many women do. Smiling and grinding in a man's face and you know you have no interest in him. Accepting date offers, gifts and money will cause a man to flip out on you in the end. By accepting those nice gestures you are basically telling him you like him. 

Play Match Maker

I have done this before. It only will work if you %100  do not want him. I suggest finding somebody who you think may like him. If he had someone who he could kick it with and get to know, maybe he wouldn't sweat you as much. Now if they vibe and get married one day and live happily ever after, don't get jealous.

 Don't Play The "Like Game"

This is something I had to learn. On Instagram and snap chat we have to be careful. Guys who like 20 post or give us the 😘😍😗 emoji. It means something. Don't do the same if you aren't interested. Trust me. I have gone as far as to being friendly and before I know it I got 🍆 in my inbox. Thank you is the best response. Not "thank you're cute too"

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jam of The Week- Fergie #MilfMoney

Yasss 🙌 @fergie is back with her newest single Milf Money. Shoutout to the hot moms out there. Fergie representing along with some other famous hot moms. What you think is it 🔥 or is it 💤