NeveR ThE RighT TimE

Kayla Got The 411 Podcast: Episode 3- "Fake Friends"

Kayla Got The 411 Podcast : Episode 2: "Who's Relationship Goals? "

Kayla Got The 411 Podcast-Episode 1: Sidechick Predicament

Charisma "What's Good Sis? "

20 Something's (When Life Gets Real)

Pastel Hair Trend

Nicki Minaj Ex Group Member Sticks Up For Her Against Ex Boyfriend

Met Gala 2017 ❗❗❗❗

Lurking !!!! When Is It Necessary?

Kiss & Tell "What We Are Telling Our Friends"

Jam Of The Week 🔥 Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj- MAKE LOVE

Womans Intuition

Girlfriend or Sidechick ?

How To Tell Hes Cheating & Spare Yourself The Embarressment

Boot Season

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