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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lurking !!!! When Is It Necessary?

Sometimes you end up on one persons page, then see somebody you know and go to their page, then another and another. Yes darling, you are a lurker. Don't trip it happens to all of us. But lurking isn't such a bad thing. For a woman who is mysterious about her mans activity you may want to lurk. Now I know there are some who believe"WHATS DONE IN THE DARK WILL COME TO LIGHT" Well I believe "If you think it, believe it, and look into it"

I have been cheated on before like allot of other good women. But because of my woman's intuition and smartness I listen to my gut and look into niggas.

Quick story. 

A few months back I was talking to a guy who seemed like he was digging me. He swore he was different not like the rest. God fearing, ambitious, good independent man, I thought. I told my best friend about him she was so happy that damn I may have found a good man. But I said to her "girl something not right". I kept saying it and she thought I was tripping and letting my past mess this up. So I followed my gut. After LURKING, I came across his ex, who I found out he had another woman in their shared home and that was the reason they broke up. After a few mins of lurking each week I came across a girl who was the reason for his last break up and was actually his girlfriend now. Yasss! He sweared he was different, and wouldn't lie, and cared. Bullshit right? 

Don't be the crazy chick going through his wallet, but if you think his ass up to something. Lurk and you may find resolution to the truth. Check out these 4 signs you need to take on the role of a detective and look into your partner. There is nothing worse than those women who are married 20 yrs and find out their man was creeping for the last 10 yrs 💀. I mean people leave clues like rat leaves crumbs. Dint stalk no damn body. But look into it if you think something. Previous Post "WOMANS INTUITION"

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

6 Ways To Tell The Relationship Is Completely Over (Must Read)

◀The relationship is making your life stressful▶

Being in a relationship is a privilege and great opportunity. To have somebody who is willing to let you get to know them, and love them and build something with them. A relationship should never feel like a hard long stressful day of work. Yes relationships have challenges, but don't let that confuse you with unnecessary drama. A relationship should be something you enjoy and not get a headache from.

◀You see no future with your partner▶

Let's say you are 20. If you and your guy are having issues now, can you imagine yourself dealing with that same thing when you are 30. 10 years from now. Do you see yourself getting married, or starting a family? These are clues that the relationship is over. You may want all those great things, but sit down, evaluate everything in your life and ask yourself can you be with this person still in 20 years.

◀There's No Communication▶

Have you ever heard people say, we lack communication? Meaning it's not gone but it can be improved. But if you and your partner have none at all, that's a major issue. If you leave the house and your spouse doesn't even ask where you are going, or cares, that's a communication issue. It means the communication is so bad that even when you are mad at each other, not talking to each other doesn't bother you.

◀Me Time Is Better Than We Time▶

If you enjoy more time to yourself than with your partner, you should ask yourself why am I still with this person. If the thought of them being home , or at the same place as you annoys the hell out of you, you should be worried. People who are in love with each other and value the relationship love quality time together. They find pleasure in a date night at a dark theater with their man. If you don't, then you should figure out how to end things quickly.

◀Family Ties Broken▶

Relationships are funny. You find yourself so friendly with a guys family, and he does the same. Then you may notice they don't come around your family as much. They try to avoid being around your family and you. Them making a big deal because you have family coming in town. Normally it's because they don't want to face the reality. Once a guy is over you, the feelings go away for your family too.

◀ Just Doesn't Care Anymore▶

This is my main one. Guys who care show you they care about your happiness. You can tell a guy how you feel, what you wish he would do, but if he doesn't put effort into fixing those key issues in the relationship its over. A person who wants to be with you, will do what they have to do to keep the relationship. Telling a person , i'm not happy, over and over again, eventually there should be some actions. If they don't care, you should'nt  care.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Would You Be Mader If Your Boyfriend Cheated With Someone Of The Same Sex, Or Another Female?

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.

So I was recently watching Love & Hiphop Hollywood on VH1. There is a couple on this season who are two men and who are in love and in a relationship. Well one of the guys has a long time girlfriend he is also seeing and she doesn't know he is into men and in a relationship with a man. It got me to thinking, wow if I found out my boyfriend was cheating with a man I would be more upset and would end things, but if my boyfriend cheated with a female and I care enough we could work things out only if I trusted him to not do it again.

I look at it like this. If your boyfriend cheated with another man, that means he is into men. That makes it 2 lies. Not being faithful, and not being honest with you to tell you they are into men.
It means you will have to question their sexuality. According to

http://www.sodahead.com Men are more than twice as likely to continue dating a girlfriend who has cheated on them with another woman than one who has cheated with another man, according to new research from a University of Texas at Austin psychologist, Medical News Today reports.
 The researchers also conclude that women fear a man's homosexual affair because it may lead to abandonment. Which is true, you will always have to wonder, if he is into men.

Take Kendra Wilkinson, former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. Her husband was caught in a scandal last year involving a transgender person. If you are aware of her show on WETV #KendraOnTop she says she has forgave him but she constantly doubts him. 

To me all cheating is bad and wrong, but for me personally I could not stay with someone who cheated with someone of the same sex. It would mean your bi sexual or your just into men.  Thoughts?I want to know your opinions ladies.

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