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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Kayla Got The 411 Podcast: Episode 3- "Fake Friends"

Episode 2 🎙
"F*ck A Fake Friend Where Are Your Real Friends?"
Whats the 411? @NickiMinaj Broke The Internet With Paper Magazine "MINAJ À TROIS" cover. @MeekMill sentenced 2-4 years for probation violation. Fair or Wrong?
Girl talk discussion this week... F*ck A Fake Friend Where Are Your Real Friends. Don't get bit by thinking someone's who's a fraud is your real friend.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fu*k Fake Friends. Where Are Your Real Friends?

Unless you are in high school there is no need to be figuring out fake friends. Real friends have your best interest at heart. Fake friends don't give a damn what you do, where you go, or about you as a person. bet when its time to turn up and hit the streets they are there, right?

Real friends are a reflection of you. If you want to be someone in life, have goals, and accomplish them, your friends should be motivation or understand those things. Real friends will pick up the phone for you at 2 a.m if you had a fight with your boyfriend. Real friends care. A down ass friend wants to see you succeed in life and wants to see both of you succeed together. As a good friend, by seeing blessings for them, it brings joy to you. Keep positive people in your life. If you hang with negativity you too will be just like them, NOTHING.

Fake friends have different meanings but not that damn different. Cake is Cake, Fake is Fake, you get it?  Fake friends don't care about their friends goals, dreams, heartache, or struggles. Fake friends use you for what they need you for. You may have tried to tell a friend about somethings you are working on career wise, and they totally show no interest. Think about it? If they don't got shit going on in their life, you really think they care about yours?
Fake friends don't ask how you've been, or if you need anything. Friends look out for one another, if they don't have your back, watch your back.

As adults the fake friends start to expose themselves. But for teens and college students this is the beginning. A lot of people you thought you would be bff may change. But look at it as spring cleaning. Everything you don't need anymore, or clutters your life, Trash It!!!!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 Signs You Aren't Ready For A Relationship

Some people jump in relationships when they have no business being in one.  The bad part is, they normally don't realize they shouldn't be in a relationship. I know for a fact. Here are 5 signs to help you learn that maybe being in a relationship at the moment isn't a good idea.


You Still Have Feelings For A Ex

I mean how can you love someone if you still have feelings for someone else. You can't fully give a person your heart if someone else has it. This is the biggest sign you should not get involved with anyone else. For the most important reason is someone getting hurt. This is the most selfish thing you can do.

You Don't Have A lot Of Free Time

We all can get busy. Maybe you have kids, or you have a career, or you are in school. Don't add a person to your life if you know you have no time for them. Wait until you have some things taken off your plate 1st. The worse thing you need is a mate complaining because they feel lonely. Save yourself and them the drama. Be single and get your life together 1st

You Have Trust Issues

Sometimes the pain from one relationship can follow you. The hurt, betrayal. Its something you just don't want to bring into a relationship. That person should deserve a far solid chance. You knowing that you can't trust anyone at the moment is a obvious sign you shouldn't be involved with anyone. If you do get into a relationship, its going to sink. Because your trust issues are going to tear and destroy the relationship..

You Are Desperate For Marriage and Kids

If you know that marriage and kids is all you're really wanting, you shouldn't just jump in a relationship because you want to speed up the process. A relationship takes work and pride. Maybe you're aging and you fear not being able to have kids is your future. You should not get in a relationship.


You Don't Like To Be Alone

This is the most common issue. So many people hate being alone. They can't even ride a uber alone, go to a big event alone. You being with someone just because you hate being single is a much deeper issue. You have to learn yourself and figure out your life. What will happen, you will end up getting in a relationship with someone, and your life will revolve around them

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Would You Tell Your Friend, Or Sister That Their Boyfriend Was A Loser?

This a very good topic, and touchy one. We all have witness a friend who dated a not so great guy, or maybe you were the one who was dating the not so great guy. If you were dating a guy that was not the right one for you, would you want your close friends to tell you? Or would you have the guts to tell your friend?

I would want my friend now at the age 25 to tell me. If I was in my teens I may not have been as mature enough to except it. If you're friends with someone who knows you, they should know whats best for you. At times when you are in a relationship, and you are in love, we girls tend to get hypnotized by these men. Almost as if they put a love spell on us. Its okay, we all even myself have been there. I have dated so many losers in my days. Sometimes we can snap out of the spell ourselves, but some need a little help. I have always been able to realize a guy was a loser. No guy has done me so dirty where a friend had to intervene.

So back to my question, are you willing to tell a friend, or sister, or even a family member her boyfriend, or husband is a loser and they can do better. I think you should at least tell them once. If they don't listen, then you did your part. That way if it ends bad, it wont fall on you. But ladies be prepared to lose a friendship with that person. People in unhealthy relationships don't think clearly or see clearly. I personally lost a friend of mines from childhood over a bad relationship back in high school. My best friend and I saw it. He was horrible, a bum, no plans in life and a flirt. We both may not have had the best relationships neither, but that relationship was badddd. Now she has a child by him, and he was actually in jail at the time she had it. I always ask myself what if I would of tries harder.

So sometimes its important to speak up, joust be prepared for some backlash. Is it worth it ?