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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

❤ Florals

❤ Floral
Purse:Tory Burch

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Which Engagement Ring Is For Her?

So it's the season lucky girls are getting engaged and planning weddings. The 1st step is when that lucky guy propose with the ring of your dreams. I always feel like a man should ring shop not with price always on mine, but your girlfriend on mine. Going into a jeweler asking where are the most expensive or not so expensive rings is all wrong. The right way is describing your girls style, and personality to them and have then show you those particular rings. Bring a friend of hers or even a family member. The ring does matter. Its a reflection of how well he knows you and him thinking about you. If he picks a ring he likes and not you, he's basically buying it for himself. Girls, sometimes we don't know what we would like neither. Its okay. I came across this cool site where it quiz's you.
Link to quiz here

These were my results its creepy because its spot on. I am unique I always like to be different. If I got a ring just like somebody I know I may be in my feelings about it. I love different shapes or stones in jewelry. I only wear GOLD, even since I was a kid. I want a wow ring. So unique something you don't see everyday.

But take my bestie who also took the quiz.

She's simple, layed back. She likes traditional. Not so out of the box. Something classic and shouts elegant. Diamond or stone is the focus point.

So see how our taste are so different. Ring does matter. You want to be happy, and he should want you to be happy. πŸ˜€

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brown Lovers(Fall Is Here)

Fall is the season the leaves turn brown. They are every where. And the time you bring out those chic brown pieces. The great thing about brown there are so many different shades to Mix and match with. Check out these cool pieces and feel inspired to add more brown to your clothing collection.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Boot Season

Boot Season is calling my name. Is it calling your name? Fall/Winter are the two seasons you can use accessories to make your outft come to life. Here are some fly boot styles that will be hot this year.


Jessica Simpson 


Free People Parisian Nights/Bulo


Nine West 



Guess Condolan Tall Cutout Boots


Yeezy Season 2 Low Boots



Giuseppe Zanotti








Michael Kors


Timberland/Shiekh Shoes




Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gold Digger Vs Having Standards (Are They Different or the Same?)

I ain't saying she a gold digger... But she ain't messing with no (you know the rest) lol. Well when it comes to dating its hard our here. Men don't want to take women out on dates anymore. They just wanna smash, and go home. Men aren't doing as many romantic things because they feel we women are using them. Being a gold digging bitch, and a woman with standards are two different things. Is it or is it not? Well let's break down what the two are. 

Gold Digger: is a person who looks for a man to be a provider. Love isn't in the question. Shes looking for stability in a man. She has no want to work and build her own. She would rather live off a man, spend his money. Once its gone she's gone. 

Having Standards:  is a person who values her self to not settle for less. She sees her self going places in life and wants someone who has their shit together. She wants a man with his own car, own, home, good job. She just want a to feel comfortable knowing you can provide. 


-A guy buys gifts and takes her out but she always complains about it not being nice enough, or fancy enough, she is a gold digger. She doesn't care about him, or how his day was. Her concern is πŸ’ΈπŸŽ. 

-A woman with standards doesn't care where you take her or where you go. As long as you put thought into it, and cares about making a good impression. Meaning taking her out and not complaining about the tab. She doesn't need your money, but she has enough worth about to not tolerate you being cheap.

-A gold digger normally hangs with other gold diggers. They hang out where the wealthy men are. No intentions of meeting someone with potential to be a boyfriend. But they want to meet someone who care give them a better lifestyle the easy way.

-A woman with standards hangs with women who date successful men with their life together. Yes they want a relationship they want love. But they aren't going to get a bum off the corner. They don't plot to find a rich man, they would like a man with his life in order.

A gold digger has lots of interest about a mans career and probably would like to see those bank statements. They want to know how much he makes, how much is his car. They are intrigued by a mans financial status.

A woman with standards wants to know he is stable and can provide for himself. Basically she wants a man whose comfortable and not struggling. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Floral Lovers

One of my favorite print to wear is Floral. I love florals anyways, even my bedding is floral print...No really that's how much I love it. Floral print is so girly AMD sexy to me. Its a favorite print in the spring and summer. Makes since, flowers bloom. Take a look at these beautiful flower pieces. Maybe if you don't have any great floral pieces, this will inspire you to get some.
















Friday, February 12, 2016

What His Shoes Say About Him

Some men may think its shallow. But I think checking out a mans shoe is key to understanding who he is. U.S studies have came up with shoe styles and descriptions based on a guys shoes. Its even being reported women judge a mans shoes more then men judge women. I will break it down for you below.

These boots were once know as worker boots, or hiking boots. Are a more popular trend now. Normally men who wear these a lot won't to come off tough. But probably aren't.

Dessert Boots

He has style and knows what is trendy. These suede boots shows he is a masculine, not flashy but takes his appearance serious.

Driving Mocs 

He has style too wearing these. But may take himself to serious. Usually see these guys in the Star bucks line being difficult with the cashier.

A big kid inside. Probably doesn't take himself to serious.

Retro Nikes
He doesn't care about being cool, or what people think. He likes what he likes and does what he wants.

This guy may still be living with his mom, maybe even getting his clothes picked out.

Loafer Dress Shoes
He takes himself serious in a good way. He is about his business and has gentleman style.

Super laid back, and chill. May be a little to chill in life. 

He is the guy who may miss your birthday, your wedding because he is waiting in line for the new Jordan's. Or may have used the rent money up to get new Jordan's. Loves attention, people's opinion about him means a lot.

Socks With Sandals

One word, lazy. Did not take time to look at himself. Not somebody I would count on to meet your parents dressed appropriately.