About Me

The more I brand myself online, the more attention my name gets. I know people are wondering who is Kayla Got The 411 girl. With likes by Tamar Braxton, Cardi B, Mike Will Made It and more, it seems as if my blog is being noticed more and more weekly. Well I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. Who's a proud mother to a beautiful daughter. Atlanta is where I reside. I moved here in 2010 where I majored in advertising design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I always knew I was creative. My friends played sports, and did dance. I wrote stories, or songs or would draw. Growing up shy, and quite I had a lot to say on paper. I slowly learned to speak up, and some may have wished I shut up. With that came confidence, and strength. It took a lot for my confidence to be where it's. Strength and self awareness did that.
I don't consider myself like other bloggers. I have a purpose. My purpose is to make women feel good,  happy,  and understand we all have so much in common. We all have had heart breaks,  we all love fashion, we all have felt misunderstood etc. 
 So my blog is dedicated to all the beautiful, amazing, bold women who love fashion, relationship, lifestyle, or entertainment talk. I am all about girl power and sisterhood. I brought girl talk to a blog. And I have a lot to say.