About Me

The more I brand myself online, the more attention my name gets. I know people are wondering who tf is Kayla Got The 411 girl. With likes by Tamar Braxton, Cardi B, Mike Will Made It and more, it seems as if m blog is being noticed more weekly. Well I'm a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. Who's a proud mother to a beautiful daughter. Atlanta is where I reside. Majored in advertising design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I always knew I was creative. My friends played sports, and did dance. I wrote stories, or songs or would draw. Growing up shy, and quite I had a lot to say on paper. I slowly learned to speak up, and some may have wish I shut up. With that came confidence, and strength. So my blog is dedicated to all the beautiful, amazing, bold women who love fashion, relationship, lifestyle, or entertainment talk. I brought girl talk to a blog. And I have a lot to say. 😜😜

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