Which Fashion Decade Would You Visit If You Could

I was born in the 90s. But I love some of the fashions from past decades. Honestly these women are the originators of setting trends that we copy today and re twist to make into our own. I love the fashions from the 50s. Lucille Ball is like my idol. These women had a way of being stylist and sexy but still remaining to have class. Check out below some of the fashions from 1940-1980
Her pearls, and her beautiful ball gowns with the beautiful details were to die for.

                                              40's decade..Christian Dior latest

50s decade 

60's decade

70's Decade

80's decade

I love fashions from the decades. It shows who set alot of trends for us today. Hope you enjoyed my post. Theirs a quiz below where you can take a quiz and see which fashion decade you are. Also check out my quiz results as well

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