Why Arent There More Monogamous People In Relationships?

More and more it seems like its getting harder and harder for relationships to stay together. Mainly its because someone or both parties are in other full relationships with other people. I am also starting to notice that the other mate is okay with it, or portrays they are okay with it. So why do you think a person stays with a person knowing they are with someone else. Why aren't there more monogamous people? Lets start off on what it is.A relationship of trust where a partner is dedicated to another single partner, or at least apparently to the extent of being in the same zip code,We all know that one woman who is sleeping with a married man. He has a wife and kids at home, yet he is in a full blown relationship with another woman. What confuses me is that most wife's and the side girlfriends are okay with it in today's time. Being with one person only and loving one person sounds normal and ideal and less drama and safe, you would think. But most don't seem to get that.

I think that some may settle for a man who is not with them and them only because they normally don't want to leave that person and start over with someone else. You see a lot of that going on with athletics and entertainers. They are the breadwinners and have build ed a lifestyle for their family. They feel like they are in charge because of that and step out time to time. Its almost a ego thing. I do all this for you, you should be okay with. Many turn the cheek and let it go, because they don't want to lose that lifestyle. That causes them to settle for that persons monogamous ways. Now if you are a person who just don't see your self being with one person,,that's find and its your preference, but let the people you are dating know that. Don't hurt people or lead people on.

Some reasons why people start a new relationship when they are dating someone is mainly because of lack of intimacy, or they just crave intimacy. They want control, or they lack willpower, They want variety. Or they are just selfish, and greedy. Instead of having one mate, they want a team full. And lastly the reason why a person has a lack to be monogamous, is because YOU ALLOW IT.

Hope you enjoyed by blog post.Share thoughts.

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