Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bath or Shower? (Which Do You Prefer, & Which Is Better)

So I know its been a week since I have did a post. It was my birthday yesterday so I visited back home. But I'm back and ready to keep it rolling with great post, all us ladies can relate and learn from. So me and my mom had a big discussion about baths and showers. She said to me that baths are better, showers keep you dirty, and your clean if you let your vagina soak in the water. lol I tried explaining to her no, a shower is better, and when taking a bath your sitting in your dirt. Lets face it were not doctors. We never came to a mutual understanding. So I decided to research this on my own and share in a blog post with others once I read on it. Oh and shove it in her face if I was right or not.

From what I read, showers are better for getting cleaner. But baths are better also for getting dirt out of  girly places where the sun don't shine as much. When taking a bath, all the water is sitting in the dirt still, instead of going down the drain as in when taking a shower. Baths can be a hygienic problem depending on how dirty the body is and how long you actually sit the the tub. But none health affects have been found from it. There is a myth that baths give yeast infections but it has not been proven. But it has been proven that taking baths with bubble baths or scented soaps can cause irritation tot he vagina. Doctors suggest that showering first with soap, and than following up with a bath without soap. reference

Whether you use more water by taking a shower, or bath is determined on the size of the tub, the time you take in the shower, and the flow of the water coming out the shower head. 

Studies have not said that a bath is not good for you or a shower, So what is your preference. Think about it and take my poll below.