Sunday, September 6, 2015

Would You Tell Your Friend, Or Sister That Their Boyfriend Was A Loser?

This a very good topic, and touchy one. We all have witness a friend who dated a not so great guy, or maybe you were the one who was dating the not so great guy. If you were dating a guy that was not the right one for you, would you want your close friends to tell you? Or would you have the guts to tell your friend?

I would want my friend now at the age 25 to tell me. If I was in my teens I may not have been as mature enough to except it. If you're friends with someone who knows you, they should know whats best for you. At times when you are in a relationship, and you are in love, we girls tend to get hypnotized by these men. Almost as if they put a love spell on us. Its okay, we all even myself have been there. I have dated so many losers in my days. Sometimes we can snap out of the spell ourselves, but some need a little help. I have always been able to realize a guy was a loser. No guy has done me so dirty where a friend had to intervene.

So back to my question, are you willing to tell a friend, or sister, or even a family member her boyfriend, or husband is a loser and they can do better. I think you should at least tell them once. If they don't listen, then you did your part. That way if it ends bad, it wont fall on you. But ladies be prepared to lose a friendship with that person. People in unhealthy relationships don't think clearly or see clearly. I personally lost a friend of mines from childhood over a bad relationship back in high school. My best friend and I saw it. He was horrible, a bum, no plans in life and a flirt. We both may not have had the best relationships neither, but that relationship was badddd. Now she has a child by him, and he was actually in jail at the time she had it. I always ask myself what if I would of tries harder.

So sometimes its important to speak up, joust be prepared for some backlash. Is it worth it ?