Failing Relationship...& You Don't Even Know It Yet

Have you found your self before listening to sad love songs. Crying, why, why what went wrong. Well I have. Man after I ended a 4 year relationship I was down for a while. I look back now and I know exactly why it ended. If I would have payed more attention than, I could have fixed things, or walked away before getting hurt. Or if I took time to spice things up bedroom rise, and suggested we take monthly date getaways. That's the thing with failing relationships. Lack of love, and effort or even caring at all. Attention to detail in a relationship is key.

In relationships we start off spontaneous, and fun and into each other.But for some reason as months and years start to kick in, relationships get routine, and spouses get bored. We know what boredom leads to,,,,Cheating. Sometimes as a female we get so upset when a guy cheats. But ask your self why did he do it, did you see the signs, and did you push him into the arms of someone else. You find out your guy has a female hes been talking too? Your not happy about that. But do you think he enjoys talking to you anymore? Maybe when he does you ignore him, or your not in the mood, or vise versa.

Think about it, you guys get up, go to work, come home , eat dinner, watch tv and go to bed, You all probably do that everyday if you live together. Its even harder living together cause you see the person everyday so its even more of a routine than living apart and not seeing the others every move. The date nights get routine that's if you even still go on dates,and the sex is the same position. You even dress the same and wear your hair the same. Men have a short attention span. So if you and your guy go to the same restaurant, and watch the same Netflix movies. When do you think he or you will get tired of it.

You have to accept the fact your relationship is slowly failing. And do something about it. You cant expect a failing relationship to just keep going for 5,10,15 more years.

Here are 8 signs your relationship is in jeopardy according to eharmony...check out link for full article  8-signs-your-relationship-is-in-jeopardy

1. He or she Cringes During the “Where are we headed?” Talk
2. One of you Constantly Demands to be the Center of the Relationship
3. The Focus is Always on what’s Wrong, Rather than what’s Right
4.Conflict is a Permanent part of your Relationship
5. One of you is Frequently Jealous
6. One of you is Feeling less Invested in Spending Time Together

7. One of you isn’t Feeling Supported  

8.Your Emotional Needs aren’t Being Met

Thanks for reading. If you feel your relationship is failing fix it, try to improve it with your partner. Don't wait till a not so happy ending comes and wonder where things when wrong.

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