Intimacy Intervention (Essence article)

So I came across this Essence Magazine article its from April. It was titled Intimacy Intervention:

'My Husband Says His Mind Wants Me But His Body Wants Her'. So that caught my attention. I was like what now? So I read it and you can take take a look at the article and the letter this woman wrote seeking help Read Full Article Here. And to read the advice she got back.

So this woman wrote in for help. Her husband was having an affair on her with the babysitter/family friend. She found out cause her child from a previous marriage thought it was odd the stepdad was at this woman's house before the kids came from school. So her husband told her he was cheating and told her he loved her and did not want to break up the family but asked her to consider and jointed relationship with the other woman SAY WHAT?  Yes he told her it was her fault because the sex was boring because she was not into the oral and anal stuff. 

Ladies reading this every where. I am not judging but I have a opinion. I was in a relationship and when I found out my guy was cheating I remember this person he was cheating on me with said to me oh he says sex with you is boring, that's why he got with me and all this mess.  I was maybe 21 and I was pregnant. I remember thinking for just a sec like it was my fault. But I snapped out of it and realized it was manipulation, and selflessness.  There is no reason for anybody to cheat on you, Because if the relationship was that bad and he cared he would have came and talked to you or tried to help the relationship. Some men try to manipulate women that the relationship is boring and that's the reason they get with other women, or they suggest a cheat past. Or they just want to try something new. That's fine and if that's the case let her know and keep it moving, If you haven't heard of a cheat pass, men are actually getting women to fall for this mess. They feel they should get cheat passes from their wife, or girlfriend to make the relationship better. Dumbest shit ever.

Ladies don't you ever let a man manipulate you into doing anything you feel in your heart is not right or you don't want to do. If you travel for work, don't you fall for the "Your always gone' line. Or if your pregnant don't fall for the"your pregnant and I need sex" line. A lot of married women are letting their men have full blown relationships with women because they feel he should be happy. No you should be happy. I have cried over a lot of guys myself. So I never want any woman out their sitting home wondering why is doing this.

Five Signs your relationship has intimacy issues according to

1. Sketchy relationship history
2. Problems communicating emotions
3. Engages in forms of infidelity
4. Addicted to new relationships
5. Emotionally and physically distant

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