Online Trolls (how to handle bully's?

@kaylagotthe411 took action and spoke out to someone who was making mean comments about a toddler

So if you are not familiar with @theshaderoominc urban enterment site. I love their postings. But the comment section is ridiculous. I've seen a lot of stuff said online that was wrong. But I think today when I saw a grown woman call a child  a gremlin. That's when I knew, okay this is to far, and my mommy instinct kicked in. If you can see, I told this female about herself. As a mom,could you imagine if @kourtneykardashian daughter actually saw that comment. Not from a peer but a adult. What do you do when your child comes home from school in tears. Funny and Nasty comments are two different things.  Back in my day the 90s, we had no social media, it was bulling in your face. Which is one of the worse scarest type.

As a kid 4-5 I was bulled so bad on the school bus, I hated even riding the bus. At that age I was in kindergarten. I remember 3 kids particular who were maybe 2nd graders , would just mess with me to just mess with me. I remember they took my book bag and put in out the window one day, just laughing tainting me as if they were going to drop it. I remember just crying sitting there doing nothing. I remember a guy I liked Dontay, same age, said to them "leave kayla alone" he took up for me and they begin to bully us both.I am now 24 but I will never forget what he did for me. At that time I was raised by a southern grandma who in her eyes I should have fought them. But at 4-5 who knows how to fight. I went to school with them same 3 bullies for years after, they came from a bad neighborhood, 2 were girls, had multiple babies at a young age, they all dropped out school. When I look back at my life and theirs today I won, and it made me strong. But as a parent or adult, how do you handle bulling. As a mom who has a 3 year old who is starting school soon, I know I have to teach her not to be the bully and how to handle a bully

It starts with more leaders willing to say hey, leave that person alone. Its a low when you talk down about somebody who you don't even know. It says a lot about the person.

Enjoy my read, you to can help. It just takes courage to say something when you see it.
If you or anyone knows someone being bullied, or cyber bullied, getting online threats, visit  learn how to prevent it, how to handle it and even report it.

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