Outfit Ideas For Meeting the Family(Holiday Edition)

The holidays are here, tomorrow is thanksgiving. Hopefully you are getting the lucky chance to be put through the most awkward experience ever. Meeting the parents. Yes meeting the parents ,or the entire family is a deal breaker. Everything could go great and they could love you, or you could turn out to be the worse girl anyone every had come over. I will tell you what the major deal breaker is when meeting a guys family, and that is your outfit choice. The same way you put effort into a job interview should be the same effort you put in meeting a guys parents. I will give you some ideas. I have never had a guys mom not like me, hell they always love me.

Here are some good fashion ideas. You don't want to show up to casual but you don't want to come over dressed.
Wearing black is perfect, but a nice comfortable black jumpsuit is better, its simple but shows you put effort, pair it well with some jewelry and a simple hair do and your good to go.

Long winter wide skirt will make you the talk of the dinner, its comfortable for you, and will make you look good in front of the family. Also you choosing to wear a long fashionable skirt instead of a club attire skirt will impress the women in the family for sure. You can top it with a sweater like the model.

A dress is always the lady like way to go. Just make sure you pick a long sleeve dress, or mid sleeve dress to make it look more conservative, pair it with knee high stockings or leggings with a a heel or boot.

My last tip for you ladies is dress how you want them to be addressed. If you want the family to respect you and take you serious, take the situation serious.

No shade but don't come dressed like this. cute outfits not when meeting the parents. 

  1. Rule 1, don't show to much cleavage, you don't want his dad or brothers staring at a side of breast throughout dinner.
  2. Rule 2, nothing mini, if grandma sees just a once of your vagina or ass, your done.
  3. Rule 3, try to stay away from destroyed jeans, come as if you put thought in meeting them. Not like you put on a pair of jeans, a shirt and was out the door like it wasn't nothing

Last Rule BE YOURSELF! out cant go wrong being you.

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