What Color Lipsick Is Right For You?

I love lipstick honey. Its my go to move for a pop of spice. I feel strong and sexy with a lip color on like most women.So women are all about the eyes, or the lip, or the brow, well I am all about the lip. When I first started I use to wear lip colors that were just not right for my complexion.It was my first year of college I got into it.  As I grew I now know what lip stick works for me. I watched a few youtube tutorials back years ago, and its also about actually wearing it out, and walking past a mirror and seeing how bad the lip color looks on you. Sometimes you may spend a good bit like ive had on a lip stick and wore it out, go home and said yuck. Not for me.Its okay ladies, that's how we learn. I remember a go to youtube video I saw years back to help me. How To Make Any Lipstick Work On Deeper Skin Tones

But also the most important key is your skin complexion and tones

There are more tips on picking out the right shade and here are 3

Do you remember your first shade of lipstick that you always wore? Check. out mine

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