Good Girl Done Wrong-Jordin Sparks ex Sage The Gemini caught on audio

@jordinsparks ex @SageTheGemini done pissed off ever women in the world. See last week he wrote a long letter confessing his love for her and pleading for her to answer his calls. We wondered why they broke up. Well, after his ex gf leaked a 20 min audio of him dissing Jordin terribly on a phone call with her,and the relationship and telling her how she gave him 70k for a house, and how he wanted to stab her. You may wanna run over him if you saw him. After being dumped by Jason Durelo these guys seem to not understand what kinda good girl they had. Stay strong Jordin, we got your back.

I hate this for her, but guess what. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. 2 frogs down.

Link to full audio.  Sage The Gemini A Liar or listen below

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