Top Knot Bun Lovers

Its getting hot in some places. The top bun is the easiest way to wear your hair cute and out of your way. Now sometimes I wear my bun in my real hair and sometimes I add pieces. The celebrities are loving the bun just as much as me. Check out my bun, and some of my favorite bun tutorials.

My bun is with my natural hair no pieces. I left out the front for a bang. I may add some pieces depending on what mood I'm in. But its easy, and a everyday look.

I love her tutorial. This is a simple  smooth top knot bun..

This tutorial is where I got inspiration from. I loved Kendell Jenner bun with her bang. This tutorial is helpful if you want to achieve a bang.

If you have shorter hair this video is for you. She did awesome job with this video

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