Monday, April 11, 2016

How Much Is Enough Before You Walk Away (Iggy Azelia & Nick Young)

Seems like women are
becoming more clever these days. They are recording men who are suppposely in relationships and putting them on blast. Let's not forget Jordin Sparks ex, Sage The Gemini getting caught on video admitting he used Jordin.
You would think some men would take that situation as a lesson. Not NBA player Nick Young. He and Iggy Azelia are engaged to be married. Throughout their relationship there has been rumors of him cheating, a rape allegation and the viral video of him admitting cheating on Iggy to his rookie team mate some weeks back. You would think, damn he should get his act together. Well I guess not. According to a woman has sent them screen shots and a video of Nick. And I'm not saying he cheating, but it looks like he been up to no good.

As women including myself have judged women who stayed with men who cheated, and disrespected them. But every woman has a limit of how much is enough before they walk away.  I'm not a fan of Iggy's music but I'm all on girl power. I hope this isnr true. But the video doesn't lie. Who is this woman and why were they in a dark room together on a night he was away on a away game according to Shaderoom.