Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Your Guy The One?

When you think of the one, it could be a lot of things. This post is about Is He The One?. The guy you are dating. They say you know when you find your soul mate. I haven't found mine yet but I am sure I will. I read a lot of magazines, blogs, and I have found some ways ladies to help you determine he's the one. The one you can see a future with, till death do you part.


For one is the sparks. When you are with someone you should be attracted to everything inside and outside of them. You should get butterflies when they walk in the room almost. If he has smelly feet and you find it not a problem. You are in love.

You Gained A Partner & Friend

If you can talk to him about your deepest darkest secret without hesitation, it shows you trust him. You feel comfortable with him. He should be your best friend and partner. He should be someone you can talk about anything with.If you can do that, girl he's probably the one.

You both are on the same page

This is important. If he wants kids, and you don't he's probably not the one. You two have to have the same morals and beliefs in life. Religion is very important. You have to be with someone who understands that. If you two can agree on lifestyle values that's a good sign he's the one.

He makes you a better person

If a guy has you crying, cursing and just takes you out of character he is not the one. Your guy should make you better. Whether its smiling,or completing your goals. He should be your better half. Lastly he should be one of your biggest fans during your accomplishments.

You Are Proud

If you are embarrassed to introduce your guy to co workers or friends you answer the question if he's the one? You should be admired by your man. By what he stands for and who he is. If you are proud to show your man off he is somebody special.