R.I.P Amy Joyner )16 yr old killed in bathroom of highschool)

🙏Rip Amy Joyner
This 16 yr old was murdered in the school bathroom at Howard High School of Technology in Delaware last Thursday. (Top left pic) She was jumped by a group of girls "Over A Boy"....Yes people over a damn boy. Nobody stopped the fight, it was caught on camera as they bashed her head in the bathroom sink.One of the girls even bragged about it on IG. This just makes my heart weaken. As a mother to a daughter, my world would crash if I got a call that my daughter was beat up, and dyed. Amy was a honor roll student and mgr of the Wresting team. Now the girls will be facing possible prison time once the autopsy report comes back.

 Good, you can sit in jail, and live with what you did. 

It all starts at home. I remember I was 5, I was bullied by 2nd graders on the school bus. I would get off the bus in tears. My grandmother would fault me for not fight back. But how much can one kid do against more than one. Nobody stopped this fight with this girl. 

As a mother to a 3 yr old. I teach my daughter, you do not people. She's in daycare, so some times I may get a report every few months Jizelle was not listening and was hiting people. I let her know, you don't treat people bad. It starts in the household. If the kids are being raised by no good parents, the kids will end up no good. R.I.P to this young beautiful girl. May you rest in peace.

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