How To Deal With Your Guy Having Female Friends

What's worse being jealous or crazy? Neither. The last thing you want to be looked at as, is a crazy, jealous, insecure gf. Trust me I've been there. You wonder why he and her so friendly. Well ladies you can't tell him "you can't have female friends". You are going to run him away to her to vent. And the last thing you want is her comforting him. You have to figure out how to except he has a friend who's a female. But before you read these 5 reasons. If you don't trust him. Reading this post is a waste of time 


 Become Friends

When your guy has a female friend or a group of them. As a protective girlfriend you may feel they want what you have. Society has set it up that men are friends with other men, And women are friends with other women. The best way to feel comfortable with him having a female friend is to get to know her. Ask her out for lunch or with a group of your friends. You two may become friends as well. That way you can keep a eye on her true intentions. 

Hook his friend up

If his friend is single, which also is the worse to have. Suggest to your guy that she finds someone to make her happy. If you meet someone at your gym, church or job, set up a double date. If she has a man of her own , she wont have as much time to spend with yours. Sounds selfish, but your guy will still have his friend, and you will have a peace of mind. 

      Have a talk with both them

Sit down with them both and let her know who you are. She should know you are his girl. Once she is aware of who you are. Then things should go smoothly. 

 Trust that they're nothing more than friends

Trust is really important. If he tells you she's his friend you have to believe him. If you think she is after him or its more to the story. You have trust issues to be fixed or either you may be right and need to look into it.

Be mature

Be mature enough to know he is honest and truthful with you. You have to nor be controlling and stop him from being friends with a female. Long as he is truthful and respectful, don't sweat it.

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