Putting Him In Friend zone?

Have you ever met a guy who was really nice. He had good morals, and was respectful. Just a overall good guy. But there's no spark, no magic and no affection when you see him. You can't force yourself to be attracted to someone. That's when we put guys in the friend zones without even realizing it. Check out these ways to help you realize when you're putting him in the friend zone.

 Not  Showing Affection

He may always try to make flirtatious jokes but you never give in. Or does he try to hold your hand and you pull away. Not because he has sweaty palms but because he just doesn't do it for you that way. You aren't attracted to him in that way. He may think something is wrong with him. You should just tell him we are better as friends. 

Not wanting friends and family to think more

If you go out on a friend movie night with him, and friends and family think its more, you may find yourself getting very offended by it. In your eyes its not serious, or anything like that. You just want to see a movie. He may think its a date too. Don't lead him on. He may get so excited thinking he has got you, but truly you just want to see the damn movie. Let him know,pal let's go see a movie "Pal, Buddy,Homie". Throw that in. Hopefully he understands.

 Flirting In Front Of Him

If you are hanging with him and you have no problem flirting with others. Think about it? If you were some what into him you wouldn't do that.  By doing that you may hurt his feelings but if he is smart. He would understand, "This girl doesn't like me". 

 No rush to see him or talk to him

When you really like a guy you will run to the phone when he calls. If your friend guy calls you and you are in no rush to talk.  You're basically saying he's just my friend.


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