Friday, January 20, 2017

[New Blog Post] You Got A Good Man

There is nothing worse then a woman who has a good man but don't realize it. Good men are instinct.  It's hard to find one, so when you find one lock him down. I understand sometimes if you never had a good man it may be hard to tell. Valentines the day of LOVE is coming soon. So this post if for you ladies wondering if your guy is a good man and how to find out. I got you keep reading. 


1. He is respected by his ex.

A good man who ex still has nice things to say about him is a A+ in my eyes. Now you may not want details about what went wrong and right, but if his ex doesn't try to run him over when she sees him,  that's code for he isn't a asshole. Trust me exes are like  history books. Boring but full of great info. HA!

2. He Wants To Know Who You Are 

A man who wants to know you and not just get inside you is a good man. A man who is interested in your dreams, goals, childhood past, is a man who wants to know you. Real women find this important.  If you are having sex with a guy for a year, and he hasn't asked you about your personal life...Girl. 

3. Thoughtful 

If you got issues, financially , emotional a good man won't watch you struggle and suffer.  He is going to help you,and make sure you are okay. For example if your car breaks downs in the middle of the night,  a good man will come when you call. If he cares it will show, trust me.

4. Supports You

A supportive man is a good man. He Wants to see you fulfill your dreams and see you do well. A good man won't sit back jealous because you got a promotion at work a s he hasn't.  If he is the one you can't wait to tell good news to, then that says alot. 

5. He Will Show You & Not Tell You 

A good man doesn't have to tell you how great he is, he will show you. He will be faithful, inspire you, make you feel beautiful by his actions. So many men say I'm a good man. How? When? Telling her isn't doing anything. Good men treat their girl good. If he does things  to make you happy and excited and feel butterflies that is always the sign he is a good man.