Karma Is A B*tch

Have you ever heard the saying  "Karma's A B*tch before? What goes around comes around is a saying people use that means what negativity you put out will come back to you.  I am not a scientist or psychology major at all.  I do believe Karma is possible just from my own experiences and watching others. A great example would be stealing money from someone only to lose it right after.  That is what I consider karma.  You steal from someone and then someone steals from you.  Karma is strong and normally it will catch up to you. 

There are a lot of lucky people out there.  I believe if you do good,  good things will come to you.  Living a positive life is a choice and some people feel they never have good karma, even when they do good things.  Karma works fast and sometimes it works slow.  But future happiness is all about the good you put in the universe. Alot of countries give their own definition of Karma and what it stands for and is looked upon as a superstition to some.

There are women who sleep with married men or taken men and have no care in the world or remorse. They think it's a game and it's funny until it hits them. Karma Is A Big B*tch.  So always remember you lose them how you get them.

"I remember at age 20 I was in a 4 year relationship age 17-20. I remember basically finding out he was cheating on me and he didn't care if I found out and the girl he cheated with did not neither. This wasn’t the 1st time he cheated. I allowed him to cheat and talk his way to forgiveness because over and over again. It was so bad I would argue with his sidechicks back and fourth on social media back then. I would find him on dating apps.  Can you believe I had to put a parental lock on my labtop so he would use my labtop  to cheat. I was pregnant at the time and I had a miserable pregnancy. I cried many nights,  I was depressed. I had basically been lied to and betrayed and harassed on my phone by the girl he cheated with.  Being pregnant you can't defend yourself much. I kept alot of it to myself and didn't tell friends or family.  Funny she thought she was popping because she supposedly took my man.  I can recall her saying "He Love Me Bitch". But 2 years after that breakup I got a message on Facebook which I have to this day of her apologizing for what she did and how everything he put me through,  he is now putting her through. "

I don't wish harm to anyone and ladies you should not neither.  But remember to pray,  stay positive and let Karma take care your battles. I understand too that Karma takes to long sometimes lol.  You may want to seek revenge on the people who did you wrong yourself. But trust me girls,  Negative,  evil people always get a taste of their own medicine. Stay beautiful,  stay strong and keep it pushing. 

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