#BlackHistoryMonth (28 Days of 28 Black Women In History )

Black history is in the month of February. I always wondered why they gave us the shortest month.  Who was Mr. Petty who got to choose the month. I'm just kidding  I am appreciative they gave us something.

This is the month where we celebrate the contributions from blacks in history. People of other color may not realize why this month is so important. For years blacks didn't have the freedom to be able to have achievements,  or even vote.  Being hated for being black was why so many were mistreated and some killed. They spent their time trying to be heard and have equal rights. So every accomplishment was taken seriously and recognized as a proud moment.

Our black men accomplished a lot, but it took a strong black woman to get them to where they were. So this month I am dedicating 28 days to 28 amazing black women in history. Their strength, and intelligence gave women like myself the freedom to do what I love. So subscribe and each day you will find out who I picked.

Day 1: Sojourner Truth

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