Stages Of Heartbreak

Heartbreak is one of those things you have to ride out. You don't know how long it's going to last, you only know it's going to be one hell of a ride. I would rather hurt my ankle instead of dealing with the emotions and pain that comes with getting your heart broke. Let's not forget the added on feelings if you were cheated on or betrayed. Every girl handles breakup in different ways. You may hit the club with your girls, over eat, or listen to music that sums up how you're feeling.  There is no rule book on getting over heartbreak. Everyone loves differently. The stages of breakup are pretty much universal. There is the flexing, denial stage. The mad stage where you constantly replay everything negative that lead up to it. Then the worse stage, sadness.

The flexing stage is normally my first stage of breakup. I'm telling myself " You can do better", he didn't deserve you".  Pretty much being in denial of what happen. Trying to hide my feelings. It's funny because our friends who know us well hate this stage. They know you are only bluffing because you are hurt.

I normally use humor to hide pain. That first stage of a heartbreak is pretty much a big front. Your friends know it too. They will normally play along or call you out on it.

Next stage is normally day 2. This is normally the mad stage. You constantly replay the events, or argument in your mind getting more angry by the second. It may be "Why did he do this, Why didn't he fight for me?" Everything is a why! Depends on the type of break up, we women normal lash out at the guy  This is the stage where you are confused as to why, and how did you and the guy you loved get to this point.

Next stage is the longest stage of them all. The sad stage of a heartbreak is when reality sets in. "Its Over!" You really know how much you really loved a person when you get to this stage. For me a lot of nights become sleepless because I am up crying. My mind is completely off, and I am totally a mess emotionally. If the breakup did not involve cheating or scandal I normally find myself looking at pictures, reading old texts. It makes me feel better reminiscing on the good times. Then I realize that it's over. For some of you who were betrayed you may get rid of those pictures and text. When you are betrayed you want nothing else to do with him, which is understandable. That sad stage can last for weeks or months. All you want is your baby, but you have now faced reality and it will hurt..

The best way to get over heartbreak is allow time to go by.  If you love a person I always suggest following your heart. But if you did everything and you are tired of fighting you have to allow time to pass by and move on .  It is easy to fall in love but hard to fall out. I use to date soon after a break up, but realized I hurt a lot of guys by leading them on. People love to suggest to move on quickly, but if you really was in love, you wont even allow yourself to do that.  Focus on you and your life. I always say, if it was really meant to be, you would be together. As time goes by, your heart will start to heal, it may leave a bruise but you will be okay.

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