Valentines Day Curse 💓

Hello people! This is the first blog post of 2019. I have written for years and for the first time in my life I got writers block. Literally I set at my laptop stuck, and not knowing the first word to type. I had to step away and observe and come back once creativity hit me again. Dammit I am back, so let's get into this post:

Every year valentines day comes around and I use to truly dread it. Going into stores seeing those big dumb teddy bears, the half dead flowers, and the overpriced boxes of chocolates. Why, well let me explain myself before you think I'm just hating. 

So I am cursed, maybe! Yes, don't laugh. I use to think I had a valentine's day curse. I know some of you feel like every time Valentines day comes around, something goes wrong. Literally every boyfriend I have ever had has ruined that day for me. I recall once being in high school and my boyfriend went all day without getting me sh*t or even saying happy Valentine's day. All while every other girl was smiling because their boyfriends got them gifts. While I was watching the clock waiting on some type of acknowledgement from my loser senior boyfriend. Later in the day, this fool handed me a small box of chocolate from the dollar store and said "You eat these"?

That's just one valentines day I have time to speak off. Girls why do we make such a big deal of having a valentine on February 14?  I believe it's the one day everyone gets to flex & show that they have someone who loves them. That's not healthy or normal. We should want someone to love us and show us their love 365 days of the year. Guys go out and spend so much money just to prove to their girl "I DO LOVE YOU". So what happens on February 15? Will she still feel that way? Will he continue wooing her? Reality is there is no valentines day curse. We just have not found the right man to romance us, and show use the love we deserve, not just on February 14. I believe now that valentines day should
 just be a bonus day for couples to show their love for one another, just a bit more than usual. Those big teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates does not prove a person loves you. Yes, it is a nice gesture but this is not needed for you to feel loved.  One thing I promised myself was to focus on the love and not the materialistic things when I get into a relationship. Being older and mature now , substance in a relationship means more to me. Because what will happen is you will be in a toxic relationship and wait for that one day out of the year just to feel special by a guy who should of being doing that the other 364 days of the year!

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