|WE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY| (Featuring Panel Of Black Podcasters )

Today I gathered a group of amazing #BlackPodcast shows to come together and talk about the #GeorgeFloyd murder, the riots, and what we as a #BlackCommunity can do. Please follow each of these amazing individuals and their platforms **Real Talk With Ghost and Big G** @ghostandbig_g https://linktr.ee/ghostandbig_g **Confessions From A Red Couch** @confessionsfromaredcouch https://linktr.ee/redcouchconfessions **Purring Kitty Cat Podcast** @purring.kitty.cat https://anchor.fm/purring-kitty-cat **Millennials vs The World Podcast**' @millennialsvstheworld_podcast https://linktr.ee/millennialsvsthewor... **Melated Mom Podcast** @melanatedmompodcast https://linktr.ee/melanatedmompodcast **Smoke n Sip Podcast** @smokensippodcast https://open.spotify.com/show/3Tgzslp... **M.I.S.S. Talks Podcast (May I Speak Sincerely** @misstalkspodcast https://linktr.ee/MISSTALKS


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