Turning 30

 Turning 30

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty" — 
Maya Angelou

I remember being in middle school thinking that by 30 I would have 4 kids and work as a meteorologist. Yes you read right! I had these dreams back then of being a storm chaser. It feels like it was just yesterday when my only responsibility in life was to make good grades, and clean my room. Now with only 16 days left until my 30th birthday I am on a new life path that feels like home.

Why do we put so much stress on women who turn 30 and not the men? Women are looked down upon for not being married, with kids, and successful by 30 but men are expected to accomplish all their goals first. Being a mom and not married is not what I planned for myself but its what life had planned for me. I spent my entire 20s being a mom and maturing into a woman. Having to raise a child and continue learning who you're at the same time was something I had no idea on. That is how my entire 20s felt. I spend my 20s as a young woman going from job to job in cooperate only to be able to pay my bills and provide for my child. Being in our 20s feels like a 10 year trial run on what and what not to do. 

Now I am on the life path I am destined to be on. That is Life Path 3  . Creative communicator. I always had a gift of talking and entertaining and designing. Being able to create a brand of my own and enjoy it and reach new people everyday with my talent is the biggest accomplishment. Not many people in their 20s figure out what they are destined to do. The best advice I give to anyone approaching 30 who feel like they haven't accomplished much is to stop comparing your life to others. Your life path will never be the same as anyone else. Focus on the growth and improvement and not what haven't happen.

Turning 30 feels like I have morphed into a butterfly. I went through my caterpillar stage and hit my butterfly stage of a woman. I know who I am and what I need and want. I know what my flaws and good qualities are.  I am not perfect like everyone but the good in me outweighs the flaws


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