Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Well Hello Gorgeous

Hello there. I have been working lately. Starting a new job a few weeks ago so I have been training and just coming home relaxing. I was off today and stopped by a local beauty supply store and bought some cute stud fashion earrings. Check them out. I love statement studs. If you every happen to ride by a beauty suppy store, ladies always stop, each store has different items but sometimes you will luck up and find some awesome pieces.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Yeezys Vs The Pink Prints

So every couple a months a new celebrity is coming out with a new shoe. Kanye Yeezys are not your typical sneaker but there unique and they seem to do very well. Nicki Minaj her self just annouse shes teamed up with Jordon to launch a sneaker which will be the Pink Prints. And according to Nicki, these may top the Yeezys. Are you A sneaker head? What do you think of two of the top rappers latest foot wear. 

This is  not Kanye's first sneaker deal. This is is one of his latest that he teamed up with Adias Kanye's sneakers always does well.  This shoe is way more hotter on different people, just depends h
 ow you wear it and pair it with.

Nicki Just released her new sneaker she teamed up with Jordan to do. These are really cute especially 
if your a girly girl. My daughter would love these. Plus she went a different route. When was the last time a female artist had a sneaker deal. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Incoming Call From.......EX

Normally when a relationship ends its either because someone violated the trust, mutual feelings of going separate ways, or you just weren't ready to be settled down. We all have a ex or two, or in my case many exes that just want leave us alone. Maybe you have moved on and a you're in a happy place where the past is the past. Unfortunately some of our exes have a hard time understanding, EX is code for EXIT. 
For example, every relationship I have ever had each ex always tries to re enter my life. I have a ex who I was with 4yrs. He cheated and is currently still with the young lady he cheated on me with. But every few months he pops up in my facebook notifications. I even wrote his girlfriend with a screen shot telling her please tell your boyfriend to leave me alone. I have moved on with my life. Clearly her telling him to stop contacting his ex didnt work. 
Why do our exes still keep contacting us?  I believe that lots of the time the person who can't seem to let the relationship go, is normally the cause of why the relationship ended.  They may not be happy in their current relationship, may miss you, or it could be a ego thing. They may not want to be with you, but just cant stand the thought of you being with someone else. 

According to getyourexbackpermanently.com below are some obvious signs your ex still has feelings for you.

For example,
They will like your status on Facebook and then Unfriend you.
They will text you when they are drunk but won’t pick up your calls the next day.
They will be sitting at your favorite coffee shop but won’t come and say hi to you.
They will start dating someone else but will get angry when they find out you started dating someone else.
My only advice for you all who have a annoying ex that calls you private, texts you as if they have the wrong number. Stalks your social media. Still talks about you to mutual friends. Is... 1. Don't give into them when they reach out to you. Your only leading them on to have hope you guys may get back together. 2. Try to date again, hopefully if word gets out your dating they will get the hint that its really over. 3. Just tell them honestly that you guys will never ever get back together. Listen to Taylor Swifts song for motivation.
 Taylor Swift-We are never ever getting back together

Ex means thanks for the EXperiences, Our time has EXpired, Now EXit my life.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Flashy Phone?

When I get a new phone, its almost as if I go a new baby. I need a phone case, memory card and other cool phone accessories for it. I like my phone flashy .I like my phone styling. Check out some of my new phone accessories I got for my new phone and make sure to notice the price. You know I like a deal.  Also check out 3 must have apps I must have on my phone you will definitely head over to the play store after checking it out !!!

Check out 3 of my must have apps I need when ever I upgrade to a new phone

This apps is a life saver. If you have ever lost your phone, or left it somewhere but couldn't remember or had a stolen. This phone does wonders. It allows your phone to be tracked. If stolen you can go on the web from another internet source turn on the alarm and wherever, or whoever has your phone the alarm will go off.  Years ago I dropped my phone at a gas station. The person called my moms phone and said they would give the phone back if we paid them for it. With the tracker we were able to send the cops to get the phone back.

I love this app, it actually works. I have had crazy exs who would always call me. This apps blocks their calls. It disconnects the persons phone call for you without your phone going off. You can even set it so you do get a notification when someone on your block list was blocked. Also its a caller ID for your phone. Without you answering that annoying persons phone call, the caller ID lets you know who is calling.

One of the best easiest ringtone makers in my opinion. This is a must for me. I hate buying ringtones because the verse of part of the song I want they never have or its to short. This app allows you to use the music on your phone to make your own ringtone with fades as well.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter #OOTD

Easter was great. My daughter and I visited my mom this weekend and had a blast. 
Hope you had a great Easter with you family!!!!!

 Jizelle my princess!!

How Much Do You Tip?

Recently me and my best friend took our kids out to a pizza joint. The waitress was so nice and gave me a good vibe once she introduced us and took our drink order. I said " Wow shes nice i'll tip her" My friend actually said, that at her University they talk a lot about how much you should tip a waitress a restaurant and everyone in her class had different opinions.  I got to thinking hmm what is the standard amount you should tip a waiter or waitress. Normally we go out for a meal and cocktail or playdate. We have had some good service and bad service. Me personally I tip based on two reasons, my budget and the waiter or waitress first impression. If your rude, or act as if you dont want to be at work, don't introduce your self than I may not leave such a big tip as I would someone who delivered wonderful service. Itipping has a great chart of the percentage you should tip a pizza deliver, bartender, valet and etc. Its interesting that theirs a standard here in our country we are expected to tip. I have never been a waitress before, but I could only imagine how hard their day is on their feet and going home with low tips or none.  Standard  you should pay 15-20% to wait staff. 

Do you feel that some as yourself and someone wealthy as in Jennifer Aniston should pay the exact same amount in tips to a waiter. Or if you eat at Urasawa Menu in Beverly Hills which is one of the top expensive restaurants in the U.S should pay the same amount as someone eating at Chipotle .

I have never not tipped a waiter or waitress because of bad food because when you think of it, they are not the cooks. Mainly on bad service. I remember at California Dreaming in Augusta, GA. My first visit my ex and I had the worse, most worst waiter ever. His service was terrible and he gave me the creeps. I did my tip. The food was amazing as always. I went back to the same location with my best friend and our waiter was a total fake. He was flirty and extra nice. Once we wrapped up our meal and he saw what we tipped him, for me it may was $3 and my bestfriend usually tips more. His demeanor and attitude was so rude. Clearly he wasn't happy with what we gave him and it showed. 

According to good men project, these are the top reasons you should always tip.

  1. Waiters and Waitress can be paid less than minimum wage.
  2. Bad food is not always e servers fault.
  3. Being a Server is not easy
  4. Sexual harassment is apart of the job
  5. Customers are annoying
Do you agree. Share your thoughts.