Saturday, January 28, 2017


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Friday, January 27, 2017

"NEW MUSIC FRIDAYS" Kehlani-Sweet, Sexy, Savage

Oakland Native @kehlani deputed her first album today #sweetsexysavage. Her last EP "Should Be Here" got her nominated with a Grammy. Only 21 she has earned the respect from Chance The Rapper, & @diddy who recently thanked her for saving R&B, & having @nickcannon as her mentor. The album is dope. You can play it start to finish. Fresh, original. Check it out ✔ #KAYLAGOTTHE411

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Womans Intuition

Being a woman is like being a superhero. We got the type of power men just dont have. That is "Womens Intuition". Every woman has it, but if you dont use it for your advantage it has no use. 

I would probably be with my ex who I dated for 4 years if it wasnt for my womans intuition.  5 years ago I had a dream one night he was telling a girl he loved her. I woke up in tears. I called him 6am asking is there someone else. He replied, "NO". After I looked through his facebook friends I came across a girl who was dating him as well. So it saved me and I left that relationship. 

A womans intuition is a gut feeling you get that something is not right and you shouldnt ignore it. It can help us discover the truth, and avoid bad situations. 

Even if your are insecure, that intuition is like a bee at a bbq outside It will leave you alone. Evenually you have to do something about it. If you have trust issues, trust me I understand. Dont drive him away, give him a chance to prove himself. But if you think it, look into it. For example, something is off in your relationship investigate first. Dont look like a idiot and jump to conclusions. 

I am the king of facts. I recently met a guy who I thought was a good guy. The problem was he always called me when he was at work, or in the car. Never when he was at home. My bestie thought I was bugging, so I followed my intuition and he was full of shit.
Girls please dont think you are crazy following your intuition. Follow your gut feelings. Remember you know yourself better than anymore else.

Keke Palmer Takes Legal Action Against Singer Trey Songz

@kekepalmer is taking legal action against @treysongz after she allegedly was put in his latest video without her permission while attending his supposely Miami party/video shoot. "So I low key feel bad for judging her before actually hearing the song and seeing the video. I get where she coming from, the line in the song that says her name and her playing with her phone was awkward. Somebody must of thought getting keke in the video during this part would be dope. I have been in situations like this before where I have fucking left or dont go. It is scary and uncomfortable having people ask you to do something you dont want to. But legal action is a lil far. I just want her to learn from this, everybody not your friend and got your best intrerest.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Reggie Bush Side Chick Nightmare?

Reggie Bush the football player of the Buffalo Bills...also may be known as Kim Kardashian ex boyfriend. Well that Reggie is in the middle of some nasty, nasty drama. Alledgly with his sidechick. According to Tmz & Bossip this young lady by the name of Monique who works in a night club in miami is alleging she is pregnant with his baby, and that she was actually the mistress, aka sidechick. Now Reggie has been married since 2014 to Lilit Avagyan who is now Mrs.Bush. They have 2 beautiful children together.

I'm just so lost on how, and why. The sidechick Monique is even alleging he offered her 3 million in hush money and to abort the baby. She even may have secretly recorded their sex encounters that allegedly has him asking to nut inside her. Yasssss, I know your mouth is open right now in disgust. This chick planned her come up apparently.

Just today both TMZ & Bossip has found out the sidechick was actually married herself. Her husband is filing for divorce because of the rumor of the affair and wanting dna documents of his own to prove who this baby belongs too. She's 6 months now but dna is possible. Now what do you think Reggies reps are saying? They claim they are just rumors and he is still happily married. Oh okay, sure.

I am wondering if the wife will stay with Reggie if the baby is his. I hate to say it, but part of me thinks her ass is not going any where. I don't judge but in this case I am judging. For a man to have unprotected sex and come home to you, is very disrespectful. So we got 3 more months before the baby drops, I will keep following this story. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

[New Blog Post] You Got A Good Man

There is nothing worse then a woman who has a good man but don't realize it. Good men are instinct.  It's hard to find one, so when you find one lock him down. I understand sometimes if you never had a good man it may be hard to tell. Valentines the day of LOVE is coming soon. So this post if for you ladies wondering if your guy is a good man and how to find out. I got you keep reading. 


1. He is respected by his ex.

A good man who ex still has nice things to say about him is a A+ in my eyes. Now you may not want details about what went wrong and right, but if his ex doesn't try to run him over when she sees him,  that's code for he isn't a asshole. Trust me exes are like  history books. Boring but full of great info. HA!

2. He Wants To Know Who You Are 

A man who wants to know you and not just get inside you is a good man. A man who is interested in your dreams, goals, childhood past, is a man who wants to know you. Real women find this important.  If you are having sex with a guy for a year, and he hasn't asked you about your personal life...Girl. 

3. Thoughtful 

If you got issues, financially , emotional a good man won't watch you struggle and suffer.  He is going to help you,and make sure you are okay. For example if your car breaks downs in the middle of the night,  a good man will come when you call. If he cares it will show, trust me.

4. Supports You

A supportive man is a good man. He Wants to see you fulfill your dreams and see you do well. A good man won't sit back jealous because you got a promotion at work a s he hasn't.  If he is the one you can't wait to tell good news to, then that says alot. 

5. He Will Show You & Not Tell You 

A good man doesn't have to tell you how great he is, he will show you. He will be faithful, inspire you, make you feel beautiful by his actions. So many men say I'm a good man. How? When? Telling her isn't doing anything. Good men treat their girl good. If he does things  to make you happy and excited and feel butterflies that is always the sign he is a good man.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Which Pony Tail Style Is You ?

Which Style Is You Rocking With? 
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Monday, January 9, 2017

My Golden Globes Best Dressed

My bestdressed picks for #goldenglobes @tracelysette @traceeellisross @lilyjcollins 👏👏👏. Slay all day. Honestly there were so many others I loved. But these ladies drop dead gorgeous.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Which Engagement Ring Is For Her?

So it's the season lucky girls are getting engaged and planning weddings. The 1st step is when that lucky guy propose with the ring of your dreams. I always feel like a man should ring shop not with price always on mine, but your girlfriend on mine. Going into a jeweler asking where are the most expensive or not so expensive rings is all wrong. The right way is describing your girls style, and personality to them and have then show you those particular rings. Bring a friend of hers or even a family member. The ring does matter. Its a reflection of how well he knows you and him thinking about you. If he picks a ring he likes and not you, he's basically buying it for himself. Girls, sometimes we don't know what we would like neither. Its okay. I came across this cool site where it quiz's you.
Link to quiz here

These were my results its creepy because its spot on. I am unique I always like to be different. If I got a ring just like somebody I know I may be in my feelings about it. I love different shapes or stones in jewelry. I only wear GOLD, even since I was a kid. I want a wow ring. So unique something you don't see everyday.

But take my bestie who also took the quiz.

She's simple, layed back. She likes traditional. Not so out of the box. Something classic and shouts elegant. Diamond or stone is the focus point.

So see how our taste are so different. Ring does matter. You want to be happy, and he should want you to be happy. 😀

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

When The Hood Don't Know You

@souljaboy you know the guy from Crank That Soulja boy has been going back and fourth all day and night over @karrueche with Chris Brown ..well Soulja went and found a random hood.... And this was the outcome.... I think his family should file a missing persons order 😂😂😂😂

I hope he's okay, he hasn't been online since 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years!!!!!

Happy New Years. I have made it to a new year. I am so blessed and thankful to have my website and build my brand. I have lots of cool different things to bring here. First off I put together a list of new year resolutions I have constantly heard from people. Check it out. Which are yours ?