Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Paris Hilton Pranked in the worse way ever #NotFunny

So if you havent saw or heard, Paris Hilton was on a flight supposedly flying with a Egyptian TV crew. Well she was pranked in the worse way ever. They decided it was funny to act as if the plane was going down and everyone would need to jump out. The video is so disturbing and I am pist off for #ParisHilton. You may not like a person but when it comes to someone life, that is not funny at all. Well clearly Paris did not think it was funny either and is planning to sue. I agree its not about the money itz the principles. What if her heart would of stopped. If you were on a plane nose diving wouldn't you think it was a near death experience. Check out the video link Paris Hilton Prank

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bet Awards!!! Best dressπŸ™Œ

The Bet awards 2015 were amazing from start to finish. The perfect host, perfect performances, and production. Good job Bet . There were two people who are on my best dress list check it out. Do you agree?

Can you say chic and classy and sexy. Zendaya is that confident girl who takes risks with her hair. She always comes out on top. This cute is so cute. Not everyone can pull it off. But she has the prefect face shape for it. The dress is so cute and well fitting for her body type. Zendaya ignore the haters. You did that girl.πŸ‘Œ

Gabby is that woman who never ages. The older she becomes the more beautiful she becomes. She looked so amazing on the red carpet at the bet award. Her hair was perfect, make up was seductive. Let's not forget the dress. If your going to wear all blk in the summer, ladies make sure your showing skin. πŸ‘

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Redesigned my blog.. Check it out!!!

Hello there. I redesigned my blog. You may have noticed I have a thing for pastel colors and floral. I love flowers so my blog will always reflect who I am. Again thank you for reading. New blog post tomorrow on great items to organize your clothes jewelry and accessories ladies.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lebron Mix

Have you guys tasted the #Lebronmix. Well I did because I bought it by accident. I thought it was a Dr Pepper. So you can only imagine my shock when I took a big sip.Well its good if your really hot and need a cold drink, but very strong. Soda is wrong but this flavor is a lot to take in lol. The can says it is lemon lime soda, natural cherry and orange flavored. A lot right. Its not a go to for me. I wouldn't buy it again, but I would drink it if someone gave it to me. What's your opinion?

Friday, June 19, 2015


Every few months its always something going on regarding someone being killed and race playing apart in it. It don't seem like we growing at all as a country, it feels like were going backwards. I don't know what we can do to come together. I just hate the reality I have a African American daughter who's just a toddler, will one day have to experience or learn that people don't like her because of her race. And have to explain why?  A answer I don't have yet πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Which Fashion Decade Would You Visit If You Could

I was born in the 90s. But I love some of the fashions from past decades. Honestly these women are the originators of setting trends that we copy today and re twist to make into our own. I love the fashions from the 50s. Lucille Ball is like my idol. These women had a way of being stylist and sexy but still remaining to have class. Check out below some of the fashions from 1940-1980
Her pearls, and her beautiful ball gowns with the beautiful details were to die for.

                                              40's decade..Christian Dior latest

50s decade 

60's decade

70's Decade

80's decade

I love fashions from the decades. It shows who set alot of trends for us today. Hope you enjoyed my post. Theirs a quiz below where you can take a quiz and see which fashion decade you are. Also check out my quiz results as well

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Blazer Blazing Baby!!!

Sorry I have been working all week and I am tire once I leave work and pick up my daughter.I will be doing more outfit blogs more since its summer and im off weekends now I wore this outfit last weekend for girls night out. And your going to die when I tell you the outfit was under $30.00. Yes ladies its true. I love to look nice, on a budget. Clothes are  easy to be ruin by a grease stand,  So I like the fact that if I buy something for a little low and I lose it or happen to bleach it, I can get another one. This blazer is so bold . I love print, tribal and print are my go too. I have always been top dress from middle school. Why because even thou I was a bigger girl, I always carried myself with clothes that cater to my body type. The red pants was a last min decision. I was thinking of white or black, but the red dress pants were made for this blazer. I'm so happy I went with them.
I got this blazer for only $7.99. It was on sale at a store called its fashion metro. I never really shop here because its easy to show up with the same thing as someone else. I hate looking like everyone else. But it was in clearance from last winters fashion. The red dress pants I for for 4 bucks from a theft store. I love to thrift for blouses or pants. The black blouse is see through. I got it off of ebay for $8.00 bucks months ago from Starzonic store. They have the best fashions for plus size and juniors. I also paired it with the most adorable hello kitty studs I got for 99 cents from a local beauty supply store.(see past blog post for hello kitty stud earrings)

The key to fashion is taking something simply and making it look like it was a million bucks. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who stops by.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Your Ideal Date Night??

How many of us girls would love the most romantic date, but surly them most we have got was a movie and $2.00 tacos. Guys try, sometimes but they normally all don't succeed. For example if you did go to a movie, they agree to see a chick flick with you, but fall asleep during to movie. Soooo Romantic right? Or ladies how about thinking you a have a nice private date but he has his friend and there girlfriend to tag along. If you could have one dream ideal date, that would swoop you off your feet what would your ideal date be like from start to finish? Check out mines below

My ideal date would be for my guy to let me know a week in advance that he has something planned. So that way I can have a babysitter in place and know if it would be a good day according to work. He would give me hints on exactly what to wear as in fancy, or casual. He would let me know to pack a bag, and make sure I have all my girly things. When the day arrived he would pick me up from home. He would take me to a nice comedy show or nice play, I love musicals. Afterwards we would go out for seafood, or Japanese food. After we would go out to play pool, and have a couple drinks. After we would go for a walk at a park to talk and just get to know more about each other. After he would take me to the nicest luxury hotel  where he had pink roses in the room form e and we would order desert and watch movies and all all night laughing.

Sounds awesome right.... I'm a simple girl. I am not a sporty spontaneous type. Why something like this would impress me because he though of it. he did not ask me what I wanted to  do. He would be a man and take charge but in a romantic, sexy way and like a gentleman.