Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brown Lovers(Fall Is Here)

Fall is the season the leaves turn brown. They are every where. And the time you bring out those chic brown pieces. The great thing about brown there are so many different shades to Mix and match with. Check out these cool pieces and feel inspired to add more brown to your clothing collection.

Friday, October 14, 2016

What's The Biggest Lie A Guy Has Ever Told You?

Men Lie & Women Lie. But Men lie a little worse lol. What's the biggest most bizarre lie a guy has ever told you? Share below, tag and friend and repost. Let's see what the most craziest lies are.

The biggest lie A Guy has ever told me was about how many kids he had. Well I had a Lil side boo I was getting to know. Mind you he had very childish attitude at times. I remember once we were in the grocery store and he rolled water melons down the line. Yes he was 20 something...Remember I said he was a side boo.

Anyways he was a joker.
So I remember when I first met my daughter who's now 4 was only 9 months at the time. I remember his supposedly 1 son was the same age as my daughter. So weeks later one night he just blurted out "I got another baby mama back in Kansas." I jumped up quick. "What you said you had 1 here in Atlanta, so how many kids you have? He had the nerves to say a total of 4. I'm thinking who the hell lies about their kids. His excuse was he didn't want me to judge him. Um.... you lying that you have 3 kids is me judging you all the way. 😂😂😂

Bizarre right?

Jam of The Week- Solange Knowles A Seat At The Table

This Weeks Jam of the week is surely @saintrecords (Solange Knowles) who album debuted at #1 on this weeks billboard charts. With her third studio album Solange used this album to highlight the struggle of us black women, in 2016. Many of the songs on her album steam from the killing of black women and men from the hands of police. She  features narratives from her mother Tina and father Mathew, also No limit CEO Master P. The album is artistic, and deep. In other words, she slayed ♥♥♥♥♥

Sunday, October 9, 2016

My Fall Favorites 2016

Fall is here. To me it's the biggest time of fashion because accessories and fabrics play a big part in styling our outfits. I put together my take on this years fall fashion. I love you enjoy and feel inspired.


Long Scarfs

Bold Chokers


Leather Jackets





Long Cardigans


Thigh High Boots

Saturday, October 8, 2016

#ootd Birthday Inspired

Last week was my birthday. One of my outfits from my celebration. These arent the exact items I had on. But heres at inspired look.
Skater Skirt-Forever21

How To Tell Hes Cheating & Spare Yourself The Embarressment

The worse feeling ever is having someone else bring information to you about your man that you did know. By information I mean telling you your man is cheating. Its a big slap in the face. Now truth is no matter who you are, you can get cheated on. If  Halle Berry can get cheated on, we can too. But the best thing to do as a woman is always be aware of things different in your man.  A lot women have the signs right in front of their eyes but refuse to pay attention. I don't want you to take this post as all men cheat, because that is not true. But dont be so foolish to think you are so amazing and your sex is so great he would not dare cheat. Dont forget  Nicki Minaj got cheated on herself. Just do not be the girl in a 10 yr relationship who man cheated 8 of those years and had no idea.

  • If you call him and he does not pick up and sends a text right after, that is a sign, especially if it happens constantly. Why cant he answer the phone? "I'm busy". Well he could of said that on the phone as well. Pay attention to how many times he does this, and time of the day.

  • Changes password on phone and social media. If your guy was always open with his social media and phone, but suddenly he wants privacy. Ding  Ding. That is odd right? Look into that. It could mean he just wants his privacy or he just wants to keep his conversations private.

  • Rumors. Haters never want to see a happy couple. But if you start hearing rumors about your guy look into that. Sad thing is, sometimes the streets know more about your own relationship then you. Do not ignore them. Investigate for yourself.