Friday, April 29, 2016

Forgive or Walk Away From A Cheater ?

The most powerful thing about a woman is the way we love.So to cheat on a woman is probably one of the most hurtful, embarrassing things we can go through. Its a topic most women hate to admit. As women even myself can sometimes be hard on other women in regards to her forgiving or walking away. 

After this past weekend, Beyonces HBO special Lemonade shaded light on this topic. About intuition, and denial, and the anger of being cheated on. But also redemption and hope. You do what's right for you. But don't allow anyone to hurt you over and over and use you. Here are five tips from me to help you decide if its worth forgiving or walking away. 

-Resume of cheating-

Ask yourself how did you two get together. Did he cheat on a ex to be with you, now turned around and cheated on you? A person that constantly cheats on you and everyone they end up with clearly has a issue that they only can fix.  Normally patterns don't end, they keep going and going. 

-How Bad Was It-

A person who had a long affair and carried it on for years is the hardest to just forget over a one time slip up. You can't allow a man to cheat, say sorry, 20x through out your entire relationship or marriage. Its not fair to you. Ask yourself did the affair bring baggage meaning a child or drama. 

-Can You Trust Them Again-

Betrayal is the worst feeling a lover can do to a spouse. But if you decide to forgive can you truly honestly trust them again. You can't say you forgive a person but deep down inside you are worried, and on edge that they may do it again. If you know this is something that hurt you to much you can't trust again that's a sign to walk away.

-Reflect To Before-

Was your relationship in a good place and you had no clue they were cheating? Normally if you expected they were not happy and had a gut feeling something was up, it would be more forgiving.  If you were blindsided there comes the feeling of betrayal. How dare he!

-Is He Worth Forgiving-

Is your guy a good man outside of him cheating. Is he someone who treats people with respect and is loved and respected in the community. Was he treating you good before you found out. The last thing you want to do is forgive somebody who's not even worth it. Is he somebody you saw a future with, marriage, kids white picket fence. Don't save a relationship with somebody who not worth it. Use this as your escape plan.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

R.I.P Amy Joyner )16 yr old killed in bathroom of highschool)

🙏Rip Amy Joyner
This 16 yr old was murdered in the school bathroom at Howard High School of Technology in Delaware last Thursday. (Top left pic) She was jumped by a group of girls "Over A Boy"....Yes people over a damn boy. Nobody stopped the fight, it was caught on camera as they bashed her head in the bathroom sink.One of the girls even bragged about it on IG. This just makes my heart weaken. As a mother to a daughter, my world would crash if I got a call that my daughter was beat up, and dyed. Amy was a honor roll student and mgr of the Wresting team. Now the girls will be facing possible prison time once the autopsy report comes back.

 Good, you can sit in jail, and live with what you did. 

It all starts at home. I remember I was 5, I was bullied by 2nd graders on the school bus. I would get off the bus in tears. My grandmother would fault me for not fight back. But how much can one kid do against more than one. Nobody stopped this fight with this girl. 

As a mother to a 3 yr old. I teach my daughter, you do not people. She's in daycare, so some times I may get a report every few months Jizelle was not listening and was hiting people. I let her know, you don't treat people bad. It starts in the household. If the kids are being raised by no good parents, the kids will end up no good. R.I.P to this young beautiful girl. May you rest in peace.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Overall Lovers

Remember when overalls use to be corny and nerdy. Not anymore. They are comfortable, and easy to style. Here are some cute overalls of dresses, pants, and shorts you will enjoy.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Braid Lovers

 I have been wearing braids since I was a kid in the 90s. I grew up on braids. Its something that was known in my culture. In 2016 its so cool and nice to see all these cool ways to style, and braid. Its also beautiful to see other cultures embrace braids. Its been a up roar in the Kardashians wearing braids. But let me say this, No the Kardashians did not make braids a trend. But Yes they can wear braids if they want. Braids aren't designed for one culture or race. Braids are universal. You rock braids and you look fab doing it ladies. Check out these different styles of braids I know you will love.

                       The Upside Down Braid

The French braiding technique is used here again, except this time, you’re going to do it so that it starts at the nape of your neck and works its way up.

Read more:


Box Braids/Poetic Justice Braids

Box braids are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxesBox braids may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness.

The Crown Braid

crown braid is your best headband. It adds statement texture to your updo that is seen from every side. You may opt for a neat tight braid or go for a chunky and messy fishtail. Both updos and half up styles look stunning with headband braids

Crochet Braids

crochet braids are hair extensions that are literally crocheted into your own hair (braided into cornrows) with a latch hook tool. 


The Fishtail Braid

The technique consists of taking one strand from underneath one of the sections, and passing it over to the other. You repeat this on both sides continuously to get the pattern demonstrated in the picture above. 


The French Braid 

Each time you pass hair over the center strand, you’re going to grab more hair and add it in. That’s why you get that patterned appearance where the hair looks like it’s been pulled from the sides. 


The Dutch Braid

This allows the braid to sit on top of the head, as opposed to weaving in towards the head in an inverted fashion. 


Mico Braids

Micro braids are tiny, delicate braids that are tightly woven into hair, and generally last for several months. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

How Much Is Enough Before You Walk Away (Iggy Azelia & Nick Young)

Seems like women are
becoming more clever these days. They are recording men who are suppposely in relationships and putting them on blast. Let's not forget Jordin Sparks ex, Sage The Gemini getting caught on video admitting he used Jordin.
You would think some men would take that situation as a lesson. Not NBA player Nick Young. He and Iggy Azelia are engaged to be married. Throughout their relationship there has been rumors of him cheating, a rape allegation and the viral video of him admitting cheating on Iggy to his rookie team mate some weeks back. You would think, damn he should get his act together. Well I guess not. According to a woman has sent them screen shots and a video of Nick. And I'm not saying he cheating, but it looks like he been up to no good.

As women including myself have judged women who stayed with men who cheated, and disrespected them. But every woman has a limit of how much is enough before they walk away.  I'm not a fan of Iggy's music but I'm all on girl power. I hope this isnr true. But the video doesn't lie. Who is this woman and why were they in a dark room together on a night he was away on a away game according to Shaderoom. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dealing With Difficult In-Laws

When you fall in love, you get him and also his baggage. Whether he has children already or a over baring family. If you have In-Laws who make you wanna pull teeth out I can give you some encouragement and tips.

First off I remember I had a ex of 4 years. His youngest sister was so rude y'all. I remember being over there visiting him. I guess some girl called him, she yelled "Some Girl On The Phone Joe". 😩 Than I heard her and her friends laughing. Mind you I was like 17 at the time, she was much older in her 20s being messy. He said to me one day, "my sister jealous of you because you prettier than her, when ever I date a girl who's really pretty she doesnt like them".

I dealed with her, and I always spoke to her. I loved him so I wanted his family to like me.
When dealing with difficult in laws you need to understand thats his family and his family always  comes before you.

Don't let anymore disrespect you, especially if you have children by him. Nothing is worser than somebody telling you how to run your household, and parent your children. If you have a issue with your in laws express it to your man. Don't hold it in, because you may explode and nobody will know where that anger came from.  I also recommend you keep your business in your household. Running to your parents about ever fight will make your in laws dis like your partner. Good luck to you dealing in in laws. Hoped this helped

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lace Lovers

Lace is the type of favorite to make a woman feel beautiful, soft and girly. No matter what color lace you wear it makes you feel sexy. Its perfect for the Spring and light to wear. Check out these cute lace pieces below.






Monday, April 4, 2016

Is Your Guy The One?

When you think of the one, it could be a lot of things. This post is about Is He The One?. The guy you are dating. They say you know when you find your soul mate. I haven't found mine yet but I am sure I will. I read a lot of magazines, blogs, and I have found some ways ladies to help you determine he's the one. The one you can see a future with, till death do you part.


For one is the sparks. When you are with someone you should be attracted to everything inside and outside of them. You should get butterflies when they walk in the room almost. If he has smelly feet and you find it not a problem. You are in love.

You Gained A Partner & Friend

If you can talk to him about your deepest darkest secret without hesitation, it shows you trust him. You feel comfortable with him. He should be your best friend and partner. He should be someone you can talk about anything with.If you can do that, girl he's probably the one.

You both are on the same page

This is important. If he wants kids, and you don't he's probably not the one. You two have to have the same morals and beliefs in life. Religion is very important. You have to be with someone who understands that. If you two can agree on lifestyle values that's a good sign he's the one.

He makes you a better person

If a guy has you crying, cursing and just takes you out of character he is not the one. Your guy should make you better. Whether its smiling,or completing your goals. He should be your better half. Lastly he should be one of your biggest fans during your accomplishments.

You Are Proud

If you are embarrassed to introduce your guy to co workers or friends you answer the question if he's the one? You should be admired by your man. By what he stands for and who he is. If you are proud to show your man off he is somebody special.