Monday, December 28, 2015

The Ring Didnt Mean A Thing?

I just got back in town to Atlanta was dying to post about this. Everybody knows @kyliejenner is with @kinggoldchains ..but allegedly he use to date @themiaisabella she's a trans gender but hunni she's so stunning you can't even tell.(no lie) slays. Anyway Well Kylie posted a pic of a ring that got people to think hmm, did tyga propose.. Well alleged ex Isabella got a similar ring from him  sometime back. Ladies would you be upset if you got sloppy seconds. The rings are very similar. I would cry in the shower. Men can be thoughtless sometimes and lazy. Would you care, or let it go #kaylagotthe411

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Curvy Girls Can Wear What Slim Girls Wear

Since I was maybe in middle school I loved fashion. I knew I was a thicker girl but I always maintained my appearance in school.I had friends size 6 below asking where I got things from. Other thicker girls would ask me "where do you buy your clothes Kayla" my answer is really online. You have to search these online stores and businesses for cute clothes. You don't have to stick to old navy, and Ashley stewart.You can find sexy, youthful clothes same as slimer girls but made for our body type. I just found this new store online today on eBay from seller GenxClothing .Sizes xl-3x. These two items are in my cart. You have to look, don't depend on department stores girls 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Is Your Acne Telling You

According to #positivemed those acne bumps that pop up out of no where, or people who constantly battle with it. Acne actually is telling you about hidden health issues you may have. If you normally get it on a certain part of the face compare with chart. For example, every 2-3 months I get one on my chin. For more visit

Wedding Starter Kit

If you are single, engaged whatever. Every girl should have a wedding starter kit. You should have a idea on your dress, your cake, your venue, your hair. Its less stressful. You never want to settle for that first dress you try on. For one myself my dress being long sleeve is very important. I hate showing my full arms and when my day comes I want to feel beautiful and confident. Also I love gold, my ring being gold is key. I grew up wearing gold, I am just not into silver. Also gold being put in the decor and cake is important to me. My hair I know would prefer it be long and wavy. I never wore a up do to prom, it just wasn't my vision for my wedding. Ladies I hope this helps. Put aside a collage, or strap book so when you meet the right guy, everything in regards to wedding planning will be easy.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jam Of The Week- Gwen Stefani-Use To Love You

This weeks Jam of the week is Gwen Stefani single used to love you. I loved this song since I first heard it. Makes me excited about a new album. With going through a divorce and then starting a new thing with Blake Shelton I'm sure she has a lot to sing about. Congrats Gwen, keep doing your thing on The Voice .. 
Watch her perform her hit single 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Steal Deals (Organizers)

Get these items off EBay or Amazon all under 20 bucks . Keep your items safe and oraginzed.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Can You Be Sexy But Still Classy

So @ayeshacurry Ayesha Curry, Stephen Currys, beautiful wife.(I love her by the way) Pisted off some closed mined people on twitter. She stated in a twitter post ""Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters ""

➡People she stated its not her style. People fashion sense are different. Both these pictures of her are sexy. One she has on a mini dress, the other shes in a leather jacker. This is probably her way of being sexy and classy. Its all about how you carry yourself. So calm down. She did not call you thots, cause me myself like to show boob action lol but she's saying hey less clothes seem to be the trend, and its not for her. Beyonce way of sexy, Ayesha way of sexy and yours are different. #kaylagotthe411