Sunday, June 24, 2018

Put Some Respect On Her Heart

Women use to be treated like queens. If a guy mother found out he broke a girls heart it would be world war in their household. It was something fathers would teach their sons back in the day to respect women. Always treat a lady with respect, and don't play with girls feelings. We live in a time where fathers aren't giving those talks to their sons anymore. Now the more hoes you have you're winning. 

The respect level for women has surely decreased. Just look at how many unstable couples we read about on the blogs. Guys constantly getting caught on video cheating, or abusing their woman. It makes you worried about your own daughters if you have any. These men are role models to the next generation of boys.

Women hearts are fragile. We are already emotional beings. We take love seriously. I don't think men understand what it does to a woman to have her heart broken, or to be played and lead on. It will take their own daughter in tears for them to understand the pain each woman has ever felt. The best solution is to stop hurting women. Be honest, and stop leading women on. If you don't want her leave her alone. a selfish man will lead you to his heart, and give it to someone else. Guys will tell you half the truth. " Oh yeah I talk to a chick". But forget to mention they are married and she's pregnant with his child.

As a woman, but also as a black woman. My respect means everything to me. Once I feel disrespected and embarrassed I have to dead a person out of my life. Disrespect for me feels like a punch to my gut especially by people who I cared about and thought cared about me. I always say men who cheat on pregnant women are some of the most disrespectful scums to walk this earth. To step out with a whore probably having unprotected sex and come home to your pregnant spouse is disgusting. Its truthfully one of the reasons I stop supporting Kevin Hart. Quick story.

I had someone in my life who I have known for about 5 years. I ended things after 1 1/2  years because I felt he was wasting my time. If I loved you and you supposedly loved me why haven't you committed which was my questioning. Throughout the years as I moved on with my life he would find some way to hit me up even if he was blocked. Literally his own sister ran me down on the road one day waving. Finally I let him know I don't want to get back involved with you and mess up my mind and feelings. I'm good with where I am.  He ignored that and entered back in my life as friends reconnecting. Cut to the tea he had a entire girlfriend not chick as he mentioned who he lived with and even had his name tatted on her. My disrespect and rage I felt went from 0-100. You are reading this thinking after 5 years of knowing her,  he really did her like that. At that moment he did the one thing I hate and that was disrespect my heart, my feelings, and my body.  The moral to this post is your respect is all you got as a woman. Don't let no one use you, mistreat you and disrespect you. You should be treated like a queen always. If guys would put some respect on women's hearts, there would be less broken hearted girls. Guys if you re reading this keep this in mind. Treat every woman how you would want your own daughter treated, and watch your lifestyle change.

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