Friday, February 26, 2016

5 Tips To Fix A Struggling Relationship

A relationship with a significant other is probably one of the hardest jobs to do. Why? because when you are romantically involved with someone their feelings always have to be considered. You have to make sure you are fulfilling their needs, physically and emotionally and while having them do the same for you. What breaks a relationship apart,is one person in the relationship doesn't fulfill the other as much, or as much as the other partner desires. Here are 5 ways you can help the relationship.

Take it back to the beginning

Sometimes couples forget why the hell they are even together. Think of why you two wonted to be together. This is actually the foundation. If you got in a relationship with someone just because a child was created, that's the weakest foundation to start a relationship on.  The child becomes older and makes friends and then you are stuck with someone you never would of been with if it wasn't for that child.

Keep the relationship spicy

Some people may argue me down. But intimacy and sex is the most important key in a relationship besides love. When you two are so annoyed with each other, and sex doesn't even excite you both to make up, what other way will you two unite again?  If you are with someone who doesn't excite you, or turn you on. You two need to figure out how to please each other. You have to make sure your partner is sexual satisfied. Try some new things in the bedroom. Try more romantic things instead of just jumping in the bed and jumping out. Snooze Alert!!

Get Up & Get Out

Struggling relationships are already fragile. If you and your mate are always laying up in the house watching TV, on the computer. Or always do dinner and a movie. Ask yourself. Doesn't that sound boring ? Doing the same old thing year after year is so lazy. If your relationship is struggling you two need a new scenery. Get out of town, go on vacation, or a trip. Camping in the woods, IDC. But sitting around the house is not going to fix your relationship. Get out, have fun together, talk and get to know one another again. Look online for local events, you don't need money to have a good time.

Speak & Listen (Commucaton)

There's a southern quote. "A closed mouth don't get feed" If you don't talk to your partner about why you are mad, why you are unhappy, what you need from them. How the hell do you expect them to know. If you won't intimacy, say "baby I won't you to hug and kiss me more". But also be willing to ask them what do they need from you. Because the problem in relationships especially with women is its always about ME,ME,ME...But it should be about US,US,US.

Respect For The Relationship

Nothing hurts more then being with some one who shows no respect to your feelings. You two have to respect each others feelings and ways. Always put in consideration how it may make the other feel. Also work hard at the relationship like you would do a paying job. Don't half ass a relationship. Thats a big disrespect to the relationship and your partner who's trying.  What happens when you half ass at your job? You lose your job right. That mentality will leave you single and alone in a relationship.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Floral Lovers

One of my favorite print to wear is Floral. I love florals anyways, even my bedding is floral print...No really that's how much I love it. Floral print is so girly AMD sexy to me. Its a favorite print in the spring and summer. Makes since, flowers bloom. Take a look at these beautiful flower pieces. Maybe if you don't have any great floral pieces, this will inspire you to get some.
















Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Good Girl Done Wrong-Jordin Sparks ex Sage The Gemini caught on audio

@jordinsparks ex @SageTheGemini done pissed off ever women in the world. See last week he wrote a long letter confessing his love for her and pleading for her to answer his calls. We wondered why they broke up. Well, after his ex gf leaked a 20 min audio of him dissing Jordin terribly on a phone call with her,and the relationship and telling her how she gave him 70k for a house, and how he wanted to stab her. You may wanna run over him if you saw him. After being dumped by Jason Durelo these guys seem to not understand what kinda good girl they had. Stay strong Jordin, we got your back.

I hate this for her, but guess what. You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. 2 frogs down.

Link to full audio.  Sage The Gemini A Liar or listen below

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Top Knot Bun Lovers

Its getting hot in some places. The top bun is the easiest way to wear your hair cute and out of your way. Now sometimes I wear my bun in my real hair and sometimes I add pieces. The celebrities are loving the bun just as much as me. Check out my bun, and some of my favorite bun tutorials.

My bun is with my natural hair no pieces. I left out the front for a bang. I may add some pieces depending on what mood I'm in. But its easy, and a everyday look.

I love her tutorial. This is a simple  smooth top knot bun..

This tutorial is where I got inspiration from. I loved Kendell Jenner bun with her bang. This tutorial is helpful if you want to achieve a bang.

If you have shorter hair this video is for you. She did awesome job with this video

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Signs You're The Girl On The Side (Sidechick)

As women I would hope we all would want to be a mans one and only. It's so hard dating these days because guys feel like its a buffet, full of all the vagina they can get. You can be the most beautiful woman in your town, but that doesn't mean a man will change his ways for you. Having a side chick is becoming a trend for men. I never want to be a side chick and I'm sure you ladies reading this don't as well.

Look I have been a side chick by default, once I found out the truth he got dropped. Lets just say due to womens intuition I saved myself. I almost got caught up in a "sidechick predicament" 

If you've  been wondering some thing's about a guy I will help you figure out if you have been getting played. Now ladies, you have to ask men questions. If you don't ask, he isn't going to volunteer. A closed mouth dont get answers sis.

Check out some signs you may be a side chick. Better to know now then later.

He is unavailable a lot after 7pm.

A man who has other women will become busy. If you were use to him always responding to texts and calls quickly but it suddenly changed. That may mean he's around someone he doesn't want you to know about. Do you call him, then he texts you? You are wondering why can't you call me? He's busy, well clearly not to busy to text. He sees your call, so ask yourself why he didn't answer.

You have never been to his home

If all he does is come over to your place, that's a issue. Dating should be a two way street. He visits you, you visit him. Also if you have asked him where he lives and he never gives you a street address or even a neighborhood, thats shady as hell. I have even said well what if its a emergency and i cant reach you by phone? Try saying something clever and see if he tells you. He clearly doesn't want you popping up at his house, but the question is why.

 If you about that life call a few friends and follow him one night after he leaves your crib. Best to know now than later. 

He never spends the night

A man who has a main woman doesn't have time to spend the night. If he always makes sure he is out the door before midnight you should question him on that. Ladies think clear on this one. After being intimate, does he ask to use the shower, or use the bathroom before leaving your crib. Guess what, he is washing off evidence before he leaves. Or his phone starts ringing but he ignores it. Look at your clock and see how long it takes him to say "I gotta go . That means his main girlfriend or wifey is wondering where he is.
" I remember a guy I was dealing with phone kept going off. Now he was deadass asleep in the next room. I picked the phone up but it had a lock on it. I quickly saw the texts on his iPhone stroll at the top too fast for me to read it. Im a samsung chick so I had no idea on breaking those codes. I googled that you can restart a iphone and all the unread tests will stroll at the top even if phone is locked. Well I did that shit. Let's just say Baby mama Jasmine was wondering why Robert left his laundry unfolded and accused him of being with another bitch (I would be that bitch). Lets just say I didn't fool with him again."

His Family hasn't met you

This is the key one here.  If he always talks about his kids, or his parents or grandparents on how much they mean to him. Wouldn't you think you should meet them, or they should at least know your name? If he is talking to a family member on the phone and says he's at the store but he is really sitting by you. Ask yourself, why didn't he say he is with me. He doesn't need his family knowing about a sidechick.

Social Media Affection Off Limits
If he has a social media and you send him tags, or cute messages and he doesn't do the same or find yours cute that's a obvious clue. If you were his girl you would think showing you off was important. Or maybe he has a social media but doesn't accept your request . Something is on his page he doesn't want you to know about. Lastly let's say he claims to not have a social media. Its 2016 grandma's have social media. Search his name and see what you find. You may be surprised he is on social media.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Camouflage Lovers

Most people think country tree girls wear camo print. Camouflage print is so sexy and strong when you pair it correctl . Hear are some beautiful camouflage pieces. Enjoy and add some camp in your life.