Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Self Pleasing Woman

You had a long day. You come home, take a shower, eat and need something relaxing to put you to sleep. You may have a few sex toys to help you have a orgasm or you may be old school and use your fingers. Once you cum, you fall right asleep. That is very common amongst many women. Not just single women.

One of the best ways to understand your body is by getting to know your body. Its yours, you're stuck with it.  As you get familiar with your body you may start enjoying your body and building self confidence.

Every women masturbates for different reasons and some choose to not do so. You may be stressed. Single. Not sexually satisfied with your partner, or just damn right freaky. There is nothing wrong with touching your own body. This is a topic that many women feel embarrassed to talk about. I never really understood why until I spoke to a few women who don't. They said they felt uncomfortable or embarrassed even though they were by themselves. The thought of engaging in sexual activity without a man was creepy one said.

I started using vibrators as a teen.  It did help relieve sexual frustration without going out releasing it with every boy in the town. Most young girls are curious about sex, and studies show most women masturbate before the age of 18.  Its safe and healthy as long as it doesn't consume your life.

Many couples bring sex toys, or use porn to spice things up. Then you have a few women who say their men hate the idea of sex toys. One woman I spoke to says she comes home on her lunch break and uses hers while the boyfriend is at work. Do you think some men feel threatened by sex toys possible pleasing you better? I sometimes think that the idea of you getting a orgasm without, makes some men furious.  If this is your case, let your man know why you do it. Maybe try to let him use it on you.  Him walking in on you masturbating may be a shock.

The real reason why women masturbate is because it just feels good. It doesn't take anything away from a man. Many if us do it because we truly enjoy it. Nothing is wrong with you if you are arouse yourself.