Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 Signs You Aren't Ready For A Relationship

Some people jump in relationships when they have no business being in one.  The bad part is, they normally don't realize they shouldn't be in a relationship. I know for a fact. Here are 5 signs to help you learn that maybe being in a relationship at the moment isn't a good idea.


You Still Have Feelings For A Ex

I mean how can you love someone if you still have feelings for someone else. You can't fully give a person your heart if someone else has it. This is the biggest sign you should not get involved with anyone else. For the most important reason is someone getting hurt. This is the most selfish thing you can do.

You Don't Have A lot Of Free Time

We all can get busy. Maybe you have kids, or you have a career, or you are in school. Don't add a person to your life if you know you have no time for them. Wait until you have some things taken off your plate 1st. The worse thing you need is a mate complaining because they feel lonely. Save yourself and them the drama. Be single and get your life together 1st

You Have Trust Issues

Sometimes the pain from one relationship can follow you. The hurt, betrayal. Its something you just don't want to bring into a relationship. That person should deserve a far solid chance. You knowing that you can't trust anyone at the moment is a obvious sign you shouldn't be involved with anyone. If you do get into a relationship, its going to sink. Because your trust issues are going to tear and destroy the relationship..

You Are Desperate For Marriage and Kids

If you know that marriage and kids is all you're really wanting, you shouldn't just jump in a relationship because you want to speed up the process. A relationship takes work and pride. Maybe you're aging and you fear not being able to have kids is your future. You should not get in a relationship.


You Don't Like To Be Alone

This is the most common issue. So many people hate being alone. They can't even ride a uber alone, go to a big event alone. You being with someone just because you hate being single is a much deeper issue. You have to learn yourself and figure out your life. What will happen, you will end up getting in a relationship with someone, and your life will revolve around them

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tamar Braxton Gives A Clue On New Talk Show

So Tamar Braxton, Grammy nominated singer, reality start and talk show host gave me and her other fans a little update about her new Talk show being put together by Steve Harvey.  After being fired without any reason from The Real, and betrayed by someone who fans believe to be co star, comedian Loni Love. She finally found a blessing when Steve Harvey  saw something special in her that he had to give her a talk show of her own.

While watching braxton family values on @wetv. I was tweeting. Guess who saw my tweet. Tay Tay her self.  She replied to a tweet of mine "It's going to be πŸ”₯" which has fans super excited.

After a tough year with being sick and dropping out of dancing with the stars. And being betrayed by her employer. Seems like your girl Tay Tay is getting new blessings. I will be stayed tuned and update you guys. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bold Prints !!

There's nothing hotter than a woman taking fasjim risk. The best way to do that is by wearing bold prints. A piece with bold print is what makes the outfit. So picking unique prints can go along way. Check out these pieces. 





Pink Queen

Go Jane

Steve Madden

The Outnet

Paul Smith



Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gold Digger Vs Having Standards (Are They Different or the Same?)

I ain't saying she a gold digger... But she ain't messing with no (you know the rest) lol. Well when it comes to dating its hard our here. Men don't want to take women out on dates anymore. They just wanna smash, and go home. Men aren't doing as many romantic things because they feel we women are using them. Being a gold digging bitch, and a woman with standards are two different things. Is it or is it not? Well let's break down what the two are. 

Gold Digger: is a person who looks for a man to be a provider. Love isn't in the question. Shes looking for stability in a man. She has no want to work and build her own. She would rather live off a man, spend his money. Once its gone she's gone. 

Having Standards:  is a person who values her self to not settle for less. She sees her self going places in life and wants someone who has their shit together. She wants a man with his own car, own, home, good job. She just want a to feel comfortable knowing you can provide. 


-A guy buys gifts and takes her out but she always complains about it not being nice enough, or fancy enough, she is a gold digger. She doesn't care about him, or how his day was. Her concern is πŸ’ΈπŸŽ. 

-A woman with standards doesn't care where you take her or where you go. As long as you put thought into it, and cares about making a good impression. Meaning taking her out and not complaining about the tab. She doesn't need your money, but she has enough worth about to not tolerate you being cheap.

-A gold digger normally hangs with other gold diggers. They hang out where the wealthy men are. No intentions of meeting someone with potential to be a boyfriend. But they want to meet someone who care give them a better lifestyle the easy way.

-A woman with standards hangs with women who date successful men with their life together. Yes they want a relationship they want love. But they aren't going to get a bum off the corner. They don't plot to find a rich man, they would like a man with his life in order.

A gold digger has lots of interest about a mans career and probably would like to see those bank statements. They want to know how much he makes, how much is his car. They are intrigued by a mans financial status.

A woman with standards wants to know he is stable and can provide for himself. Basically she wants a man whose comfortable and not struggling. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What Your Sleep Position Says About You

What your sleep positions say about you? Is there any truth. Tag a friend, or spouse and compare 🌠πŸ˜ͺ

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Kim Kardashian Blasts Taylor Swift About Lying On Kayne

Remember Kanye hit single famous ft Rihanna where Kanye said "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" anyways. Well Taylor reps said she had no idea he was saying it, and acted so shocked and said she never spoke with Kanye. Well honey.. @kimkardashian my girl "kimmie k"must said she tired of yall trying her and her man πŸ˜‚ because she dropped some receipts honey on Snapchat. Im sure after ex Calvin Harris blasted Taylor earlier last week she is probably not in a good mood this week.

Vid credit: @kardashianjennerfans

Pt 2

Taylor you have some explaining to do baby girl. Lying on this man was not right girl. Her ex Calvin Harris just blasted her earlier this week. Girl you better stop. You know they say Karmas a bad

Especially this speech at the Grammy's. 
I'm sure her team had woken her out her sleep by now to let her know she's been exposed.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

What's Causing Your Acne?

Around that time of the month acne seems to pop up. But if its a constant issue it may not be just your menstrual. Did you know that what we eat, health and daily activities can be a big cause to our acne.

Let me break down to you the formal definition of acne according to livestrong.comWhen the pores are clogged, typically with dead skin cells, the skin's natural oil is trapped within the pore and that is what builds up. Bacteria results in inflammation. If the skin is blocked at the skin's surface.

Take this chart provided by women's health

                       1.  It's In Your Genes

Have you had acne since you were a kid. Nothing seems to work? It may just be in your genes. Pasted along to you from your grandparents or parents. This may be a bigger issue than at home remedies. Go see a dermatologist on better solutions.

                                   2. Stress

Stress, worries can be a major factor. When you see those pimples on your chin and jaw line just consider working on your stress. Easier said than done right. Try yoga or stress relief Techniques.

                                  3. Hot climate

For you all who live in very hot climate. See acne above your eye brows and between your eyes to your nose. This a big factor to why. According to Hot, muggy climes (summers on the East Coast, and ll year round in the South) spur the production of oil, which is a breeding ground for acne. Dry-climate dwellers (if you live in the Southwest, air sucks out moisture, causing dry cells to flake and gunk up the pore walls, so you'll see little whiteheads. Use an oil-free moisturizer,and get a humidifier.

                           4. Working Out

Working out is great but its what you do once you are finish. If you are a heavy sweater. Don't wipe your face with your hands or a towel. The oils in your pores is what causes the breakouts. And you are transferring bacteria to your face, and causing inflammation.  Change out of your gym clothes and shower right after a workout. Using a exploitation cleanser will help also.

                            5.Laundry Detergent

If you know you have sensitive skin watch out for those detergents. Also try a fragrance free detergent.

                       6. Your cell phone

Did you know that your phone carrys the most germs. Its like having a toilet to your face. Make sure you clean your phone a few times a week or daily with a alcohol wipe.The germs from your phone are probably causing the breakage on your jaw and mouth area.  If you know you run your mouth a lot cleanse after as well. 

7. You are what you eat

Dairy, drinks with caffeine, peanuts, sugar, and soy can help her rid of acne...if you have less of it. Dark leafy greens like kale, and antioxidant green tea are sad to be good for your skin. Sugar and carbs sends acne right to your chin. Add more protein to your diet.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jam of The Week- Fergie #MilfMoney

Yasss πŸ™Œ @fergie is back with her newest single Milf Money. Shoutout to the hot moms out there. Fergie representing along with some other famous hot moms. What you think is it πŸ”₯ or is it πŸ’€

4th of July Outfit Inspiration