Sunday, January 31, 2016

Jam Of The Week- Tory Lanez LA Confidential

Jam Of The Week 🙌🙌

Tory Lanez-LA Confidential


So I am so late on this artist from Toronto @torylanez . I knew of the song #SayIt and on @meekmill #lordknows from #creed soundtrack. I said I need to do my research on this guy. And I am in love with his music, his voice is very versatile. His latest song #laconfidential proves it. I'm loving it. New Fan.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Jam Of The Week- Rihanna Kiss It Better 💋

Jam of the week🙌🙌🙌
Rihanna-Kiss It Better 💋

So @badgalriri album #anti #antidiary dropped yesterday. People have certain favs they like. But #kissitbetter seems to be the favorite and mine too. Her vocals were mad for this song. Have you got the debut album yet?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Spring Shoe Trends 2016

Spring is not getting here faster enough. I love Fall not to hot not to cold, and I love Spring as well. I miss my sandals, heels and cute shoes. I put together some cute ideas for spring shoes. According to Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamar. Oxfords, gladiators, statement heels are going to be trendy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

6 Ways To Tell The Relationship Is Completely Over (Must Read)

◀The relationship is making your life stressful▶

Being in a relationship is a privilege and great opportunity. To have somebody who is willing to let you get to know them, and love them and build something with them. A relationship should never feel like a hard long stressful day of work. Yes relationships have challenges, but don't let that confuse you with unnecessary drama. A relationship should be something you enjoy and not get a headache from.

◀You see no future with your partner▶

Let's say you are 20. If you and your guy are having issues now, can you imagine yourself dealing with that same thing when you are 30. 10 years from now. Do you see yourself getting married, or starting a family? These are clues that the relationship is over. You may want all those great things, but sit down, evaluate everything in your life and ask yourself can you be with this person still in 20 years.

◀There's No Communication▶

Have you ever heard people say, we lack communication? Meaning it's not gone but it can be improved. But if you and your partner have none at all, that's a major issue. If you leave the house and your spouse doesn't even ask where you are going, or cares, that's a communication issue. It means the communication is so bad that even when you are mad at each other, not talking to each other doesn't bother you.

◀Me Time Is Better Than We Time▶

If you enjoy more time to yourself than with your partner, you should ask yourself why am I still with this person. If the thought of them being home , or at the same place as you annoys the hell out of you, you should be worried. People who are in love with each other and value the relationship love quality time together. They find pleasure in a date night at a dark theater with their man. If you don't, then you should figure out how to end things quickly.

◀Family Ties Broken▶

Relationships are funny. You find yourself so friendly with a guys family, and he does the same. Then you may notice they don't come around your family as much. They try to avoid being around your family and you. Them making a big deal because you have family coming in town. Normally it's because they don't want to face the reality. Once a guy is over you, the feelings go away for your family too.

◀ Just Doesn't Care Anymore▶

This is my main one. Guys who care show you they care about your happiness. You can tell a guy how you feel, what you wish he would do, but if he doesn't put effort into fixing those key issues in the relationship its over. A person who wants to be with you, will do what they have to do to keep the relationship. Telling a person , i'm not happy, over and over again, eventually there should be some actions. If they don't care, you should'nt  care.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Leather Lovers

Leather is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. It's classic. A leather jacket, or leather boots can be passed down generation to generation. These days with all the latest trends. Designers have put a twist on the fabric. Check out these pieces.







Friday, January 8, 2016

Should A Guy Pay On The First Date?

Should A Guy Pay On The First Date?
""Ladies what if a guy asked you on a date. You went and everything was lovely. The waitress brings the check, and he looks to you to pay it all, or half. Is that a NO GO for you, or are you fine with it ? #thinkaboutit #tagafriend #tagsomeone "

Me personal,I feel a guy should always pay until him and the woman are established. A man should be a man. The first date he should be picking up the check, especially if he asked you out. As months go by, and you become exclusive. A woman should pick up the tag when you and that guy go out. But no way at all on the first date. If he asks you to, then he a #busta 😂😂😂

New Music Friday... Kanye West - Real Friends

I have a feeling were approaching Yeezy Season. After dropping his controversial hit last week #facts that took jabs at #nike. Kanye followed up with dropping #realfriends. I can't wait till he drop a album. Say what you want about Kant's, but no denying this man is talented. Keep props.

Jam Of The Week.🙌🙌 Casey Veggies-Wonderful ft Ty Dollars Signs

I came across Casey Veggies on Spotify. I was like wow he is really dope. I lice this song ft Ty Dollars Signs. He seems like a cool guy, great swag, and music. I am definitely a fan after hearing his music. Also Ty sounded so good on the vocals. #banger #loveit.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Good Girls Rock

"We have to start encouraging our young girls that there is nothing wrong with being a #goodgirl. Society makes girls  who focus on their education, wait for sex, or have their first drink at the legal age 21 feel bad. Keep being good, and when you are a grown  woman so many amazing opportunities will be available for you all because you were a #goodgirl" 😊 #motivation #kaylagotthe411

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Stylish Sunglasses

I don't know anyone who doesn't own a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses should be kept in your car, your purse and home. You can make any outfit pop with just a paue of sunglasses. Me I like to get mines around this time before Spring. Me personally I don't like to pay over 100 bucks for sun glasses. I have put together some great stylish sunglasses you may have seen on some of the hottest celebrity. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Whats The 411? ( Tyga, Kylie and 14 year old)

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So we all knew rumors started when @kyliejenner was 17 that her and Rapper Tyga were dating. They denied it, up until she turned 18 last August. Well recently young  Molly O’Malia a freshman in high school has teamed up with the famous Gloria..same who is representing the women in Bill Cosby case against OK! Magazine for alledgying she enjoyed being in this love triangle. Molly stated earlier Tyga reached out to her first, wanted to face time but she felt uncomfortable. She thought at first he reached out music related....
I say Kylie girl you are 18, young, successful and beautiful. You don't need this drama from a old ass almost 30 year old father. This is to much. The fact if its true or not says drama follows him. At 18 you should be having fun, partying. Not thinking about what's in the news about your boyfriend.